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PBC News & Comment: Biden Picks Harris for Veep, Giving Trump a Ripe Target

Dems’ obsession with identity politics propels selection of Kamala Harris, a corporate tool with bad record as prosecutor, thrilling Trump….--the high point for Kamala Harris in the Senate was making Jeff Sessions nervous

--Harris is skilled at progressive pretense

--former SF mayor Willie Brown, her mentor and ex-boyfriend, advised her to pass on VP and go for attorney general

--Trump’s ill-conceived, unconstitutional unemployment plan is modified after states reject co-pay formula they can’t afford

--residents of the Commonwealth of Kentucky bitch at Mitch McConnell for miserly approach to relief

--Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best abruptly retires after Council considered cutting her pay, and made modest cuts to police budget

--milder protests in Portland last night, with no property damage

--Oregon legislature passes new chokehold ban

--Milwaukee protesters attack Black cop who’s on leave after 3 on-duty shootings

--Virginia Klansman who drove into BLM protesters is convicted, but not for hate crime

--rogue Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies hold 3 Black teens at gunpoint, but the teens were the victims in this case

--ACLU amplifies calls to dismantle Homeland Security, and rename it

--Kevin Gosztola reports on bills in Congress to restore access to courts for whistleblowers

--California judge destroys claims by Uber and Lyft and rules that drivers are employees, not independent contractors

--even as airline traffic hits bottom, more passengers are trying to carry loaded guns onboard

--delayed Minnesota primary for Rep. Ilhan Omar, who is targeted by Israel lobby

--at TomDispatch, Robert Dreyfuss fears Trump’s October Surprise will be war with Iran

--in Belarus, the woman who ran against strongman Lukashenko is ejected to Lithuania

--NY Times reports that an American contractor warned of Beirut ammonium nitrate stash 4 years ago

--MintPress reporter Raul Diego examines efforts to blame Hezbollah for last week’s deadly blast

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis, read the report on hotel sanitation here

--disinformation that divides American voters comes from greedy Americans and Christian extremists