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PBC News & Comment: Israel Suspends West Bank Annexation Plans

In agreement with UAE that Trump hopes to take credit for, Israel will forego plans to annex occupied West Bank territory…--in neighboring Lebanon, US imposes new sanctions that cripple an already-crippled country, reports Ben Norton

--compulsively impulsive Trump blurts out the truth: he is trying to use the Post Office to block mail in voting in November

--after Trump says she’s “not even a smart person”, AOC challenges him to release his college transcript

--ConmanDon also prematurely ejaculates about Barr’s investigation of the Russiagate investigation

--Trump’s EPA, under ex-coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler, relaxes methane rules

--in new, in-depth interview, enviro reporter Steve Horn talks about the new Chevron solar-powered hacking field in California, and other topices

--shades of Hunter Biden: powerful Dem Richie Neal engineered tax break for biofuels industry, and his son is now a biofuels lobbyist

--people are broke, hungry, and facing eviction, but Trump is focused on getting rid of low-flow shower heads, and perfect hair

--the Senate has adjourned through Labor day, with no action on relief bill

--last night, Portland police declared a “riot” and used tear gas on protesters

--US Conference of Mayors supports chokehold ban, body cams, limits on police unions, but opposes funding cuts for cops

--today’s copycat corporate media meme: Trump is looking for “line of attack” on Sen. Harris

--at The Guardian, Derecka Purnell explains why black progressive women feel torn about Kamala Harris

--at ConsortiumNews, editor Joe Lauria recaps Harris’ views of WikiLeaks

--in tech temper tantrum, Uber and Lyft threaten to shut down in California if they are required to follow the law and treat drivers fairly

--Facebook adds labels to voting-related ads and posts, as its fact-checkers grumble that they are being used

in tiny town on Oregon coast, Facebook drilled to bring fiber optic cable ashore, ended up leaving drilling equipment on ocean floor

--Jared Kushner’s meeting with Kanye West may violate election laws

--Trump continues obsessive push to re-open schools, no matter what

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--despite brutal efforts to suppress protests, Belarusians are walking off the job