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PBC News & Comment: Israel Suspends West Bank Annexation Plans

In agreement with UAE that Trump hopes to take credit for, Israel will forego plans to annex occupied West Bank territory…–in neighboring Lebanon, US imposes new sanctions that cripple an already-crippled country, reports Ben Norton

–compulsively impulsive Trump blurts out the truth: he is trying to use the Post Office to block mail in voting in November

–after Trump says she’s “not even a smart person”, AOC challenges him to release his college transcript

–ConmanDon also prematurely ejaculates about Barr’s investigation of the Russiagate investigation

–Trump’s EPA, under ex-coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler, relaxes methane rules

–in new, in-depth interview, enviro reporter Steve Horn talks about the new Chevron solar-powered hacking field in California, and other topices

–shades of Hunter Biden: powerful Dem Richie Neal engineered tax break for biofuels industry, and his son is now a biofuels lobbyist

–people are broke, hungry, and facing eviction, but Trump is focused on getting rid of low-flow shower heads, and perfect hair

–the Senate has adjourned through Labor day, with no action on relief bill

–last night, Portland police declared a “riot” and used tear gas on protesters

–US Conference of Mayors supports chokehold ban, body cams, limits on police unions, but opposes funding cuts for cops

–today’s copycat corporate media meme: Trump is looking for “line of attack” on Sen. Harris

–at The Guardian, Derecka Purnell explains why black progressive women feel torn about Kamala Harris

–at ConsortiumNews, editor Joe Lauria recaps Harris’ views of WikiLeaks

–in tech temper tantrum, Uber and Lyft threaten to shut down in California if they are required to follow the law and treat drivers fairly

–Facebook adds labels to voting-related ads and posts, as its fact-checkers grumble that they are being used

in tiny town on Oregon coast, Facebook drilled to bring fiber optic cable ashore, ended up leaving drilling equipment on ocean floor

–Jared Kushner’s meeting with Kanye West may violate election laws

–Trump continues obsessive push to re-open schools, no matter what

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–despite brutal efforts to suppress protests, Belarusians are walking off the job