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PBC News & Comment: Will Supreme Court End Total Email Surveillance?

Appeal is filed seeking to end interception and collection of all US email traffic, with Bill Binney providing expert testimony…--attorney Elliott Schuchardt fights to restore Fourth Amendment rights, based on his inability to protect attorney-client communications

--federal judge in Mississippi argues that Fourth Amendment is violated by “qualified immunity” doctrine that protects cops from accountability

--Biden’s pick of Sen. Kamala Harris draws predictable attacks from Trump and allies

--identity politics, not political science, drove the selection of Harris

--Harris adopts progressive pose on relief payments to Americans, but isn’t pushing it very hard

--Pelosi and Mnuchin talk, but no progress reported

--Trump’s idea of consumer protection is lifting restrictions on payday and auot title loans at obscene interest rates

--Facebook and Instagram strengthen bans on anti-Semitic content

--in Minnesota primary, Rep. Ilhan Omar fends off AIPAC-funded challenger

--NY Times reports Qanon followers are hijacking anti-trafficking movement

--new Portland DA will drop charges against most protesters

--Trump praises Seattle police chief after she chooses retirement

--our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis; map of Covid hotspots is here;  critical report on Ivermectin is here

--leaderless office of State Dept. Inspector General whitewashes Pompeo’s illegal approval of arms sales to Saudis, MintPress offers analysis

--separate State Dept review of billionaire ambassador to Britain downplays Woody Johnson’s off-color remarks, ignores his lobbying for Trump to host British Open