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PBC News & Comment: Will Supreme Court End Total Email Surveillance?

Appeal is filed seeking to end interception and collection of all US email traffic, with Bill Binney providing expert testimony…–attorney Elliott Schuchardt fights to restore Fourth Amendment rights, based on his inability to protect attorney-client communications

–federal judge in Mississippi argues that Fourth Amendment is violated by “qualified immunity” doctrine that protects cops from accountability

–Biden’s pick of Sen. Kamala Harris draws predictable attacks from Trump and allies

identity politics, not political science, drove the selection of Harris

–Harris adopts progressive pose on relief payments to Americans, but isn’t pushing it very hard

–Pelosi and Mnuchin talk, but no progress reported

–Trump’s idea of consumer protection is lifting restrictions on payday and auot title loans at obscene interest rates

–Facebook and Instagram strengthen bans on anti-Semitic content

–in Minnesota primary, Rep. Ilhan Omar fends off AIPAC-funded challenger

NY Times reports Qanon followers are hijacking anti-trafficking movement

–new Portland DA will drop charges against most protesters

–Trump praises Seattle police chief after she chooses retirement

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis; map of Covid hotspots is here;  critical report on Ivermectin is here

–leaderless office of State Dept. Inspector General whitewashes Pompeo’s illegal approval of arms sales to Saudis, MintPress offers analysis

–separate State Dept review of billionaire ambassador to Britain downplays Woody Johnson’s off-color remarks, ignores his lobbying for Trump to host British Open