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PBC News & Comment: Will Trump Actually Pardon Ed Snowden?

As Trump dangles pardon for Ed Snowden, his Justice Dept. plays games with the extradition process for WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, …


ConsortiumNews and MintPress both have solid reports on Assange hearing today

–YouTube announces new rules banning coverage of “hacked information”

–MidEast “peace deal” trumpeted by Trump is little more than old news, face-saving for Netanyahu, and pre-election illusion for Trump

–read critical analysis by Medea Benjamin and Ariel Gold

–in first conviction in Barr/Durham investigation of Russiagate, fromer FBI lawyer pleads guilty to altering info used in FISA warrant request for Carter Page

–former Trump fixer Michael Cohen dangles the intro to his tell-all book

HuffPost White House reporter asked Trump if he regrets all the lying he’s done

–as Trump readies absentee ballot for Florida primary, his attacks on mail-in voting and the Post Office produce new warning of delays in November

–Trump’s loyal attack dogs at DHS—Wolf and Cuccinelli—are serving illegally

–DHS goons responded to Bend, OR yesterday after spontaneous sit-in blocked ICE buses with immigration detainees

–Oregon state troopers pull out of Portland

Buzzfeed report says DHS documents show heavy focus on BLM protesters, with almost no attention to white supremacists

–as we discussed with Steve Horn in our latest interview podcast, the California legislature killed the watered-down bill to require buffer zones at oil fields

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–in cruel shift, Greece is forcing migrants into rafts without motors, and abandoning them at sea

–Biden advocates for national sanctuary law, based on California’s

The Intercept reports that Biden’s promise of deportation ban for first 100 days is not listed in DNC platform

–the agency that runs US propaganda arms like Voice of America sees purge of top officials and shift to pro-Trump reports