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PBC News & Comment: Democrats Zoom into “Ghost Convention”

Polls show Biden’s lead is declining as corporate, moderate, gray-haired Dems hold virtual convention with progressives sidelined and no surprises...--lefties will watch Bernie Sanders, with despair, as he praises Biden, Harris and the Democrats who shunned his calls for real change

--DNC leaders think Dems want to hear from anti- Trump GOP leaders, like the Whitman sisters, Susan Molinari, and John Kasich?

--Biden boasts more billionaire donors than Trump, 106-93

--new CNN polls shows Biden’s lead over Trump drop from 14 to 4, but other polls are more stable

--both parties have rules that create big disparities in delegates assigned to different states

--as millions face pandemic without health insurance, and polls show Democrats support Medicare for All by yuge margins, Dems backpedal

--Democrats should support clemency for Ed Snowden, but you won’t hear it at DNC

--Democratic-approved extension of surveillance law is on ice in Senate

--Dems try to stop Trump’s wrecking crew at Post Office with an array of tactics as Trump continues to lie about mail-in voting

--in addition to Trump donor Louis DeJoy playing Postmaster General, megadonor and bundler Mike Duncan chairs board of governors

--World Socialist Website report gives accurate account of bipartisan moves that cripple the Post Office

--in new, in-depth interview, veteran journalist James B. Steele says Covid will deal greater setbacks to middle class

--the looming recession/depression will hammer many red states and cities, NY Times reports

--Movement for a People’s Party calls for general strike on September 1

--in Belarus, protests grow as factory workers tell Lukashenko “Go away!”

--Portland protests continue, with ugly beating of truck driver by angry crowd

--Seattle also declared a riot on Sunday night

--Seattle Times gives voice to former chief and local activist who slam Council over moves to defund police

--UN Security Council rejects US call for new sanctions on Iran

--Biden team removes “occupation” of Palestinian land from platform

--US intercepts oil tankers bound for Venezuela, and Steve Ellner at ConsortiumNews exposes Dems’ complicity in regime change efforts

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--a Facebook “friend” is blaming Robert Trump’s death on his brother in unproven, tawdry claim