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PBC News & Comment: Democrats Zoom into “Ghost Convention”

Polls show Biden’s lead is declining as corporate, moderate, gray-haired Dems hold virtual convention with progressives sidelined and no surprises…–lefties will watch Bernie Sanders, with despair, as he praises Biden, Harris and the Democrats who shunned his calls for real change

–DNC leaders think Dems want to hear from anti- Trump GOP leaders, like the Whitman sisters, Susan Molinari, and John Kasich?

–Biden boasts more billionaire donors than Trump, 106-93

–new CNN polls shows Biden’s lead over Trump drop from 14 to 4, but other polls are more stable

–both parties have rules that create big disparities in delegates assigned to different states

–as millions face pandemic without health insurance, and polls show Democrats support Medicare for All by yuge margins, Dems backpedal

–Democrats should support clemency for Ed Snowden, but you won’t hear it at DNC

–Democratic-approved extension of surveillance law is on ice in Senate

–Dems try to stop Trump’s wrecking crew at Post Office with an array of tactics as Trump continues to lie about mail-in voting

–in addition to Trump donor Louis DeJoy playing Postmaster General, megadonor and bundler Mike Duncan chairs board of governors

World Socialist Website report gives accurate account of bipartisan moves that cripple the Post Office

–in new, in-depth interview, veteran journalist James B. Steele says Covid will deal greater setbacks to middle class

–the looming recession/depression will hammer many red states and cities, NY Times reports

–Movement for a People’s Party calls for general strike on September 1

–in Belarus, protests grow as factory workers tell Lukashenko “Go away!”

–Portland protests continue, with ugly beating of truck driver by angry crowd

–Seattle also declared a riot on Sunday night

Seattle Times gives voice to former chief and local activist who slam Council over moves to defund police

–UN Security Council rejects US call for new sanctions on Iran

–Biden team removes “occupation” of Palestinian land from platform

–US intercepts oil tankers bound for Venezuela, and Steve Ellner at ConsortiumNews exposes Dems’ complicity in regime change efforts

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–a Facebook “friend” is blaming Robert Trump’s death on his brother in unproven, tawdry claim