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PBC News & Comment, 8.18.20: Trump Backs Down from Going Postal on Postal Service

Trump donor and new postmaster with major conflict of interest, Louis DeJoy, yields to critics and will restore full service through election…–it appears Mitch McConnell didn’t support Trump’s demolition scheme, and DeJoy will be appearing before Senate and House committees

–Senate intelligence committee releases report, used by NY Times and WashPost to defend their investment in Russiagate narrative

–social media content firm sues Facebook for tagging its posts as Russian propaganda

–Caitlin Johnstone has strong rebuke of YouTube’s ban on “hacked information”

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola captures bipartisan outrage over Trump’s tease about pardoning Ed Snowden

–Trump pardons the late, great Susan B Anthony

–night 1 of the DNC online convention was carefully scripted infomercial with simple message: Trump bad, Biden good

–personality overtook policy, which was served in broad strokes used to stoke fears of Trump and Covid blame

–Michele Obama’s speech connected with many Dem females

SF Chronicle political writer Joe Garofoli notes that promoters of Russiagate and impeachment aren’t being featured

–Veep pick Harris draws few mentions, but the mudballs from the right are coming fast & furious

–as NY AG sues to take down NRA, whistleblower Josh Powell shares parts of new book that describe massive fraud that he was a party to

–Trump judge leads panel that overturns California ban on large gun magazines

–heatwave in the West overloads power grid, producing rolling blackouts and fingerpointing between regulators and grid manager

–citing SCOTUS sex discrimination decision, federal judge blocks Trump move to restore discrimination of transsexuals

–hooray! Federal judge in Portland fines robocall company $925 million

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis; the link to data on oleandrin is here

–Fox vigilantes threaten photographer assigned to NY Times story of Tucker Carlson’s vacation pad in Maine

–listener Paul Ellcessor has critical comments of Planet of the Humans