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PBC News & Comment: American Oligarchs Get Richer During Pandemic

Covid-19 means Ka-ching for billionaire class, adding $700 billion to their fortunes as middle class shrinks and the poor are ignored…–lightning has sparked 367 wildfires all over California, forcing evacuations and call for mutual aid from 50 states

–Speaker Pelosi slams Postmaster General for misleading statements after phone call with DeJoy, says House will proceed on legislation

–DNC ghost convention Day 2 features novel video roll call, and lots of misleading puffery about Joe Biden

NY Times pundits offer comments, and some accurate criticism of the DNC, while unsigned Guardian report is pretty accurate

–while younger leaders were featured in script group video, AOC seconded the Sanders nomination and was slimed by inaccurate NBC tweet

–in Portland, county building was scene of protests and small fire

–Portland police identify suspect in beating of pickup truck driver

–Austin, TX offers model for smart defunding of police, leading state GOP leaders to threaten funding cuts to the capital city

–Facebook cracks down on Qanon groups, false Covid info

–at The Grayzone, Ben Norton exposes right wing Coda Story, funded by US and EU governments, for false attacks on Grayzone reporting

–Trump crony Robert Kraft, owner of NFL Patriots, beats sex charges over improper surveillance

–in petty move, Trump tweets for boycott of Goodyear after it tells employees not to wear MAGA hats while working

–some GOP senators float modest relief package

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

LINK for LISTENERS:  COVID Testing Choke Points

LINK for LISTENERS:  Coronavirus is in the [indoor] air. Here’s how to get it out.

[VOX describes how to reduce COVID-19 exposure through better ventilation.]

[California Healthline uses graphics to more clearly explain roadblocks to COVID-19 testing in the US.]

–listener Olivier de Mirleau challenges description of PCR tests, and shares report from Israeli scientists who challenge lockdowns and social distancing for healthy people

–US media barely notice Israel’s 9-day assault on Gaza, but Caitlin Johnstone does

–in surprise ruling, top Israeli court rules against home demolition for Palestinian suspected of killing IDF soldier