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PBC News & Comment: Will FCC Strip Licenses of Sinclair Broadcasting?

Sinclair feeds centralized pro-Trump “news” to 89 cities, and is accused of lying to FCC about “affiliates” it illegally controls….--read the Media Action Center report here

--Sinclair’s website has a map listing all of its stations

--Trump visits Kenosha with AG Bill Barr to “preserve disorder” as Chicago’s Boss Daley once famously said

--Trump claims credit for imposing order in Kenosha, but it was “radical Democrat” Gov. Tony Evers who called in Wisconsin National Guard

--in Portland, shooting death of Patriot Prayer member gets closer look, as suspect who identified as antifa has not been arrested

--sheriffs from nearby counties reject Gov. Kate Brown’s call for reinforcements due to criticism of cops

--PBC listener and subscriber Jerry from SE Portland says he’s shaken by encounter with the armed Trump caravan last Saturday

--Monday night, protesters gathered at condo tower where mayor lives, and police declare riot

--in Los Angeles, deputies from the rogue Sheriff’s Dept. shot and killed Black bicyclist who ran after traffic stop

--Trump has no comment, as Black St. Louis cop was shot and killed by white shooter

--just hours before end of session, California Legislature passes compromise eviction ban through January

--in Sacramento, some great ideas for police reform died without passage

--the scrappy Davis Vanguard details bill that would have required police officers to be licensed

--some grand ideas for Covid response also failed to pass, but ex-convict firefighters get a break

--our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

--Biden/Harris get boost from small and large donors, raking in $300 million in August

--Trump squeezed Biden to declare he won’t ban fracking

--lawsuits fly over mail-in balloting rules

--AG Bill Barr tightens rules on surveillance and investigation of political campaigns

--Dems fume as Trump’s lackey at DNI tells House members they won’t be briefed on foreign election interference

--Ali Soufan, former FBI agent who refused to torture suspects after 9/11, is allowed to republish his book without redactions