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PBC News & Comment: Trump Relentlessly Attacks “Democrat-run” Cities

Trump repeatedly blames “radical Democrat mayors” for all urban problems, even though 85% of American mayoral elections are non-partisan…–and most mayors don’t have expansive power, notes NY Times

–in Kenosha, Trump met with cops, talked “law’n’order” and pointed fingers, while ignoring systemic racism and Jacob Blake’s shooting

–in rant riddled with invective, blogger Andrew Vaillencourt says the Kenosha shooter and his victims suffered from “rampant stupidity

–and the 2 men killed both had criminal records

–GOP congressmen from Louisiana and Pennsylvania attack Black protesters

–Biden hardens attacks on Trump, will hold community meeting in Kenosha tomorrow

–Trump campaign jumps on Biden’s incoherent moment in Pittsburgh Monday

–as Trump continues to undermine mail-in voting, his campaign tells supporters to get their mail-in ballots

NY Times lays out scenario where Trump claims victory on election night, before mail-in ballots can be counted

–in latest White House insider book, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff raises important questions about what happened to $100 million from inauguration

–Bad Optics: Melania used private email

–Bad Optics: Pelosi got her hair done at San Francisco salon shut down by Covid

–Pelosi’s endorsement of Joe Kennedy was ineffective, Ed Markey will sail to re-election along with Rep. Richie Neal

–our daily Covid-19 update from Linda Lewis

–Facebook removes accounts from DC PR firm and infamous Internet Research Agency in St. Petersburg

–Germans say Aleksei Navalny was poisoned with Novichok-style nerve agent

–US imposes more sanctions on prosecutor at International Criminal Court

–a Justice Dept. prosecutor who objected to child separation at border was removed by Trump ally now nominated for federal judgeship

–Portland protesters targeted the condo tower where Mayor Ted Wheeler lives, and he announces he’s moving