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PBC News & Comment: Briefed on Wildfires, Trump Clings to Climate Denial

In short visit to California, Trump rejects pleas from governor and officials to acknowledge, address climate change; he offers fantasies…--Biden says in second Trump term, “these hellish events will continue”

--SF Chronicle political writer notes that Biden is straddling on climate, trying to win key states like Pennsylvania

--wildfire recap—estimated 35 dead to date in coastal states

--the false claims that antifa is setting fires leads to armed responses from people who should be evacuating

--former CA Gov. Jerry Brown says “we are causing this”

--Hurricane Sally bears down on Gulf Coast, and a Sharpie won’t change its course

--Assange extradition hearing is delayed, again, as proceedings disrupted by possible hacking

--the spying on Assange at embassy by Spanish firm is being investigated in Spain, and US is trying to impede it

--WSWS also reports on Amazon’s surveillance of its employees

--at The Grayzone, Gareth Porter exposes the exaggerated claims, most recently from Microsoft, that Russia is hacking election sites

--when Trump dispatches feds to cities, they bring surveillance gear and funding with them

--24 progressive groups urge Congress not to renew surveillance law

--in Compton, lone gunman tries to execute 2 deputies, who survive

--Trump’s “retribution” comment suggests that accused Portland shooter Reinoehl was executed by US marshalls

--in Clayton County, GA, Black man was beaten by deputy during traffic stop—and the victim wasn’t even driving

--protests in Lancaster, PA after cop shoots man who reportedly chased him with knife

--in detailed expose in SF Chronicle, Otis R. Taylor, Jr. details ongoing police misbehavior in Vallejo

--in new, in-depth interview, journalist Max Blumenthal unpacks his investigative report on efforts to suppress Planet of the Humans

--Dems embrace voter suppression, try to use technicalities to boot Green Party candidates from ballot in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania

--federal judge blocks Postal Service from delivering inaccurate mailer to voters

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis