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PBC News & Comment: Trump Programs His Cultists to Revolt If He Loses

Trump has repeatedly claimed he can only lose if the election is rigged, as he generates chaos to rig the election…--at WashPost, Greg Sargent recaps Trump’s repeated claims, portraying a potential loss as illegitimate

--Trump’s hand-picked snitch at HHS, Michael Caputo, ranted that Trump will win, but Biden will refuse to concede, and “the shooting will begin”

--fact-checkers are undecided about Trump’s denials that he called WWI vets “losers” and “suckers

--Dems keep pounding Trump for alleged Russian bounties to Taliban, as Caitlin Johnstone debunks the assertion

--some media outlets are reporting that female ICE prisoners are subjected to hysterectomies, but others are holding back

--once-liberal 9th Circuit appeals court lifts injunction that blocked deportation of 300,000 to “shithole countries”

--Democrats prevail in effort to block Green Party from Wisconsin ballot on technicality

--is the mail moving slower? NY Times says a little, LA Times runs its own test, says it’s measurable

--fraudsters are hitting state unemployment departments to collect Covid cash

--Louisville settles with family of Breonna Taylor’s family and imposes some reforms

--Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren gets serious, fires police chief before he could retire, in coverup of Daniel Prude death

--DHS refuses to provide witnesses for House investigation of whistleblower claims

--weather conditions help firefighters gain on wildfires, and Bay Area air quality improves a little

--Oregon has evacuated some prisons, and jammed the inmates into unsafe conditions at Salem prison

--Assange extradition hearing resumes, with testy exchanges between prosecutor Lewis and defense witness Lewis; best coverage is at ConsortiumNews, Shadowproof, and Craig Murray’s blog

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--Netanyahu meddles in US election, again, visiting White House for signing of letters of intent with UAE and Bahrain

--in rare maximum sentence, Israeli court gives Jewish settler harsh terms for 2015 arson attack that killed Palestinian family

--FAIR slams Reuters for biased coverage of Chevron’s attack on attorney Steven Donziger over his $9 billion award for Ecuador

--Oracle announces deal with TikTok, which has to be OK’d by US and China