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PBC News & Comment: Trump Programs His Cultists to Revolt If He Loses

Trump has repeatedly claimed he can only lose if the election is rigged, as he generates chaos to rig the election…–at WashPost, Greg Sargent recaps Trump’s repeated claims, portraying a potential loss as illegitimate

–Trump’s hand-picked snitch at HHS, Michael Caputo, ranted that Trump will win, but Biden will refuse to concede, and “the shooting will begin”

–fact-checkers are undecided about Trump’s denials that he called WWI vets “losers” and “suckers

–Dems keep pounding Trump for alleged Russian bounties to Taliban, as Caitlin Johnstone debunks the assertion

–some media outlets are reporting that female ICE prisoners are subjected to hysterectomies, but others are holding back

–once-liberal 9th Circuit appeals court lifts injunction that blocked deportation of 300,000 to “shithole countries”

–Democrats prevail in effort to block Green Party from Wisconsin ballot on technicality

–is the mail moving slower? NY Times says a little, LA Times runs its own test, says it’s measurable

–fraudsters are hitting state unemployment departments to collect Covid cash

–Louisville settles with family of Breonna Taylor’s family and imposes some reforms

–Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren gets serious, fires police chief before he could retire, in coverup of Daniel Prude death

–DHS refuses to provide witnesses for House investigation of whistleblower claims

–weather conditions help firefighters gain on wildfires, and Bay Area air quality improves a little

–Oregon has evacuated some prisons, and jammed the inmates into unsafe conditions at Salem prison

–Assange extradition hearing resumes, with testy exchanges between prosecutor Lewis and defense witness Lewis; best coverage is at ConsortiumNews, Shadowproof, and Craig Murray’s blog

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–Netanyahu meddles in US election, again, visiting White House for signing of letters of intent with UAE and Bahrain

–in rare maximum sentence, Israeli court gives Jewish settler harsh terms for 2015 arson attack that killed Palestinian family

–FAIR slams Reuters for biased coverage of Chevron’s attack on attorney Steven Donziger over his $9 billion award for Ecuador

–Oracle announces deal with TikTok, which has to be OK’d by US and China