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PBC News & Comment: Dangerous Disinformation and Crackpot Reports Flourish

In the attempted execution of LA Deputies, and unhinged speculation about western wildfires, internet amplifies the lies, increasing danger….–after execution-style attempted killing of the LA Sheriff deputies in Compton last weekend, online rumors and Sheriff Villanueva made matters worse

–next to Compton, Lynwood’s city manager is suspended for Instagram post that deplored violence but put the shootings in proper context

–a small number of fires in California and Oregon are blamed on arson

–in Oregon, the Holiday Farm fire, a major one, is blamed on power line explosion

–Oregon environmentalist Kevin Matthews shares video of “managed” timber zone in Oregon that burned as quickly as the untouched forestlands

–the DEW freaks are back, with animations of purported energy beams targeted at existing wildfire locations

–whistleblower from DC National Guard says feds sought secret “heat ray” to use on protesters near White House

–in real wildfire news, air quality in Bay Area has improved dramatically, but toxic air remains in Oregon and Washington

–tyrannical AG Bill Barr slams his own prosecutors, talked about placing criminal charges against Seattle and Portland Mayors, and filed federal arson charges against Portland protester who started dumpster fire

–echoing Trump, Barr and Michael Caputo, Rush Limbaugh uses heavy projection to claim Libtard Dems are big threat to the republic

–Twitter again “flags” Trump’s big lies about mail in voting, as Pennsylvania extends deadline for postal votes, and keeps Greens off the ballot

–former senator and DNI Dan Coats proposes a bipartisan elections commission

–former model Amy Dorris becomes Trump’s latest accuser of sex assault

–Trump’s looting of the taxpayers continues—Secret Service paid Trump golf club $17,000/month for rooms when the club was shut down

NY Times breaks its blackout of Assange hearing for fluffy report on tech glitches

–we get detailed coverage from Shadowproof, ConsortiumNews, and the estimable Craig Murray

NY Times finally reports “uncorroborated” claims of forced sterilization of female ICE prisoners, and Natasha Lennard recaps America’s ugly history

–Speaker Pelosi continues to press to $2.2 trillion Covid relief package

–New Jersey passes millionaire’s tax in blatant income distribution plan

–in North Carolina, a right-to-work-for-less state, nurses score big organizing victory

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

Columbia Journalism Review exposes how Gates Foundation buys fawning coverage on NPR and many other outlets