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PBC News & Comment: GOP Senators Loyal to Trump, Not Constitution

As most GOP senators pledge to vote for unnamed nominee, they demonstrate partisan dereliction of duty, just like impeachment…--Graham, Romney, Grassley fall in line, even before nominee to replace RBG has been named

--Trump and Limbaugh tell GOP leaders to skip committee hearings for nominee

--listener Tony Sassone disagrees with PBC’s dismissal of “blame Ginsburg” arguments, and Emily Bazelon channels RBG’s responses

--NC adopts expansive rules for mail-in ballots, and Trump’s challenge to mail voting in Nevada is dismissed

--Bloomberg will help FL ex-felons pay off fines so they can vote

--PBC urges California voters to vote no on Prop 22, which would normalize illegal polices at Uber and Lyft

--in fresh, in-depth interview, Shahid Buttar details why he’s running against Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco

--Buttar mentions Joe Biden’s terrible record on crime laws, as detailed at MintPress

--Venezuela busts up another attempted coup, arresting former CIA guy who may have been planning to blow up oil refinery

--Assange extradition hearing continues, we cite coverage from Shadowproof, Craig Murray and ConsortiumNews

--former Mueller investigation lawyer admits it was a limited hangout project, in new book

--another new book details the FBI investigation into Anthony Weiner’s laptop that revealed tons of Clinton emails in fall of 2016

--SDNY prosecutor’s office is slammed by judge for hiding evidence from defense

--Facebook blames “mistakes’ for taking down environmentalists’ accounts, and says EU privacy laws may force suspension of service in Europe

--Western wildfire update

--police misconduct report

--our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

--big protests continue after 7 weeks in Belarus

--as FinCen leaks reveal corruption and money laundering by megabanks, will one be selected to take the fall?

--WSWS shows how NY Times has quietly modified its language about 1619 Project