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PBC News & Comment: GOP Senators Loyal to Trump, Not Constitution

As most GOP senators pledge to vote for unnamed nominee, they demonstrate partisan dereliction of duty, just like impeachment…–Graham, Romney, Grassley fall in line, even before nominee to replace RBG has been named

–Trump and Limbaugh tell GOP leaders to skip committee hearings for nominee

–listener Tony Sassone disagrees with PBC’s dismissal of “blame Ginsburg” arguments, and Emily Bazelon channels RBG’s responses

–NC adopts expansive rules for mail-in ballots, and Trump’s challenge to mail voting in Nevada is dismissed

–Bloomberg will help FL ex-felons pay off fines so they can vote

–PBC urges California voters to vote no on Prop 22, which would normalize illegal polices at Uber and Lyft

–in fresh, in-depth interview, Shahid Buttar details why he’s running against Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco

–Buttar mentions Joe Biden’s terrible record on crime laws, as detailed at MintPress

–Venezuela busts up another attempted coup, arresting former CIA guy who may have been planning to blow up oil refinery

–Assange extradition hearing continues, we cite coverage from Shadowproof, Craig Murray and ConsortiumNews

–former Mueller investigation lawyer admits it was a limited hangout project, in new book

–another new book details the FBI investigation into Anthony Weiner’s laptop that revealed tons of Clinton emails in fall of 2016

–SDNY prosecutor’s office is slammed by judge for hiding evidence from defense

–Facebook blames “mistakes’ for taking down environmentalists’ accounts, and says EU privacy laws may force suspension of service in Europe

–Western wildfire update

–police misconduct report

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

–big protests continue after 7 weeks in Belarus

–as FinCen leaks reveal corruption and money laundering by megabanks, will one be selected to take the fall?

WSWS shows how NY Times has quietly modified its language about 1619 Project