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PBC News & Comment: RBG’s Replacement is Trump’s New Distraction

In hypocritical, raw power grab, Trump and GOP will use Supreme Court vacancy to rally the base over abortion rights…--Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be honored at Court, Capitol this week, as Trump claims he’s showing respect by waiting till week’s end to reveal nominee

--the 2016 McConnell Rule is “heavenly deception” and doesn’t matter to pro-birth voters

--in new poll most Americans and half of Republicans say nomination should wait until after the election

--NY Times pundit Frank Bruni nails it: Trump cheats, on everything

--Bad Timing: pro-life Dems run full-page ad in NY Times, saying the are betrayed by Dem leaders

--Covid relief and threat of government shutdown sidelined

--new data show mail delivery has slowed demonstrably, as Canadian woman is arrested for mailing ricin to Trump

--Assange extradition hearing continues, we cite ConsortiumNews and Craig Murray reports

--amid corporate media blackout, Kevin Gosztola provides list of outlets which are covering the hearing

--Brazil’s former president Lula weighs in against extradition, citing his own wrongful conviction that WikiLeaks documents helped expose

--at The Grayzone, Max Blumenthal shows how MSM reporters are silent in face of surveillance by Spanish firm with ties to CIA and Adelson

--firefighters are gaining ground in California and Oregon, air quality is OK

--Trump administration threatens Portland, Seattle and NY over protests as Feds open investigation into Louisiana death of Ronald Greene

--in blatant political move, Trump releases $13 billion in paper towels to Puerto Rico, delayed relief from Hurricane Maria

--as federal judge puts WeChat ban on hold, Trump OK’s fuzzy TikTok deal with demand for $5 billion to fund white history plan

--deal to cut drug prices stalls as TrumpCo demanded pre-election distribution of $100 gift cards

--Aaron Mate reports that the Senate Intel report on Russiagate is hardly definitive

--Prof. Stephen Cohen, another skeptic of Russiagate, dies at 81

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--UN observes 75th anniversary with virtual assembly

--as US goes it alone in restoring sanctions on Iran

--Trump adds 100 US troops in Syria

--new leak shows how banks enable money laundering and criminal activity worldwide