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PBC News & Comment: RBG’s Replacement is Trump’s New Distraction

In hypocritical, raw power grab, Trump and GOP will use Supreme Court vacancy to rally the base over abortion rights…–Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be honored at Court, Capitol this week, as Trump claims he’s showing respect by waiting till week’s end to reveal nominee

–the 2016 McConnell Rule is “heavenly deception” and doesn’t matter to pro-birth voters

–in new poll most Americans and half of Republicans say nomination should wait until after the election

NY Times pundit Frank Bruni nails it: Trump cheats, on everything

–Bad Timing: pro-life Dems run full-page ad in NY Times, saying the are betrayed by Dem leaders

–Covid relief and threat of government shutdown sidelined

–new data show mail delivery has slowed demonstrably, as Canadian woman is arrested for mailing ricin to Trump

–Assange extradition hearing continues, we cite ConsortiumNews and Craig Murray reports

–amid corporate media blackout, Kevin Gosztola provides list of outlets which are covering the hearing

–Brazil’s former president Lula weighs in against extradition, citing his own wrongful conviction that WikiLeaks documents helped expose

–at The Grayzone, Max Blumenthal shows how MSM reporters are silent in face of surveillance by Spanish firm with ties to CIA and Adelson

–firefighters are gaining ground in California and Oregon, air quality is OK

–Trump administration threatens Portland, Seattle and NY over protests as Feds open investigation into Louisiana death of Ronald Greene

–in blatant political move, Trump releases $13 billion in paper towels to Puerto Rico, delayed relief from Hurricane Maria

–as federal judge puts WeChat ban on hold, Trump OK’s fuzzy TikTok deal with demand for $5 billion to fund white history plan

–deal to cut drug prices stalls as TrumpCo demanded pre-election distribution of $100 gift cards

–Aaron Mate reports that the Senate Intel report on Russiagate is hardly definitive

–Prof. Stephen Cohen, another skeptic of Russiagate, dies at 81

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–UN observes 75th anniversary with virtual assembly

–as US goes it alone in restoring sanctions on Iran

–Trump adds 100 US troops in Syria

–new leak shows how banks enable money laundering and criminal activity worldwide