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PBC News & Comment: Louisville Grand Jury Indicts Only One Cop, and Not for Shooting Breonna Taylor

Six months after police killed Breonna Taylor, grand jury indicts only 1 of 3 cops, for “wanton” shooting of white neighbors….–in LA, fatal shooting of Dijon Frizee by sheriff’s deputies is slammed by family members after autopsy

–from leaked online chats, The Guardian exposes pro-Trump activists planning violence against Portland protesters

–last night’s Portland protest led to shooting involving 2 civilians, details sketchy

–Seattle Council overrides mayor’s budget veto, police cuts will go forward

–Seattle’s former police monitor issues scathing report on police mismanagement of protests–after lengthy investigation, Senate committees release report on Hunter Biden that appears to clear Joe of any wrongdoing

–FBI warns that “foreign actors” will try to spread misinformation on election results

domestic actors in Minneapolis are distributing QAnon literature to voters

–Ruth Bader Ginsburg is honored at Supreme Court memorial

–at Assange extradition hearing, psychiatrist testifies about depression, Aspberger’s and suicide risk; get details from Shadowproof, ConsortiumNews, and Craig Murray

–White House accused of politicizing review of John Bolton’s book

–Judge rejects dodge from Eric Trump, orders him to testify in NY fraud investigation

–doctor who performed hysterectomies at ICE prison will no longer treat immigrants

–as Bobcat fire continues to rage near Pasadena, northern California fires are being contained; Oregon situation improves as rain douses some fires

–report shows that UC Berkeley admitted some unqualified students

–as LA Times opposes Prop 22, US Labor Department issues rules that favor Uber, Lysft and other gig employers

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–at UN General Assembly, Trump and Xi talk past each other

–Mike Pompeo urges Venezuela opposition parties to boycott National Assembly elections