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PBC News & Comment: Trump Blurts Out His Secret Plan to Retain Power

At news conference, Trump vows peaceful transition, as long as he is declared the winner, after we “get rid of the ballots”…–even his toadiest GOP allies draw the line, saying the actual winner will be inaugurated on January 20

–Bart Gellman’s Atlantic article spurs concerns about Trump’s sneaky schemes

–at The New Yorker, John Cassidy has similar concerns

–David sirota and Andrew Perez warn Dems not to capitulate at re-branded Daily Poster

–Trump’s rambling comments at his mob rallies are getting uglier

–State Dept now says Belarus election was rigged—is this for our domestic consumption?

–in Louisville, 2 cops shot during Breonna Taylor protests; vigils occurred in many cities

–Portland faces Proud Boys protest on Saturday, with BLM counter-protests

–Seattle cop will be investigated for rolling bicycle over protester’s head last night

WashPost updates its count of police killings, averaging 1,000 per year

–Speaker Pelosi shifts strategy on new bailout, is drafting new bill

–her opponent, Shahid Buttar, says his campaign has been dealt a “whiteout”

–in new, in-depth interview, Prof. Peter Laufer talks about his new book, Up Against the Wall, where he argues for opening the southern border

–protecting its investment in Russiagate, NY Times raises doubt about Durham’s investigation of Clinton Foundation

–GOP voter suppression efforts are relentless—Florida AG asks for investigation of Bloomberg’s payoffs of ex-felons fees & fines

–on election meddling, FBI Director Wray plays both sides

–internal Postal Service documents show slowdown policies came from the top

–at Assange extradition hearing, biased judge moves to limit testimony and final arguments; reports from Shadowproof, ConsortiumNews, and Craig Murray

–Joe Lauria helpfully explains the broad reach of the Espionage Act

–in great investigative report at The Grayzone, Ben Norton exposes propaganda operations that promoted White Helmets and other players in Syrian war

–as Putin foe Navalny leaves German hospital, article examines Novichok and raises questions about reflexively blaming Russia for poisoning Navalny and Skripals

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis:  voting information links:

How to vote by mail in the 50 states

This year above all, voters need to stay informed, and alert to last-minute changes.

Healthy offers guidance on how to vote safely

CDC recommendations on voting safely (more or less followed by states) are here.

Below:  Links to websites where voters can find updated information about the voting process where they live.

National Association of Secretaries of State

The professional organization for secretaries of state, who run elections in most states.

Rock the Vote

Nonprofit organization has a very informative webstie with information specifically on COVID-19 impacts on voting.

Find your state or local election office:

Voter registration rules in 50 states

Vote 411

The League of Women Voters’ comprehensive voter information website.

National Conference of State Legislatures

Association that represents state legislatures.

US Election Assistance Commission

Government agency that provides election information and guidance.

US Vote Foundation

A nonprofit voting assistance organization.

Also, see the article, Everything you need to know about voting in 2020 (but were afraid to ask)

–Trump lawyers claim demand for financial records is based on innuendo, but neice Mary Trump says “fraud is a way of life” for the family