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PBC News & Comment: Orange Attack Dog vs. Gaffe Machine

Trump’s tax evasion and Supreme Court pick will dominate debate, but Biden needs to avoid gaffes and responding to every insult…--second installment from NY Times focuses on Trump’s branding and endorsement income, elevated by The Apprentice TV show

--Biden is soft-peddling opposition to SCOTUS process, and Dems are furious, as activists map obstruction plan for senators

--at MintPress, Raul Diego exposes the secret Catholic group Opus Dei and its role in Court confirmations

--in fresh, in-depth interview, Barnard Prof. Janet Jakobsen comments on Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination, and the myth of the “progress narrative”

--in defiance of federal court order, TrumpCo plans to shut down census early

--judge in Mike Flynn case holds hearing, will issue sentence or dismiss case

--House passes $2.2 trillion relief bill, Pelosi resumes talks with Mnuchin

--former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale faces domestic violence charges

--NY Times reports more details of unwanted surgeries on women in ICE lockup

--California Gov. Newsom signs new law allowing ICE detainees to sue over abuse

--Trump’s meltdown over discarded ballots in Pennsylvania dissolve to laughter, as the county is solidly Republican

--ES&S voting machine company has misrepresented certification of voting machines

--Putin proposes a truce in election meddling

--unredacted FBI document shows concern about infiltration of law enforcement by white supremacists

--the effort to “dismantle” Minneapolis Police Dept. has crumbled

--grand juror in Breonna Taylor case cries foul, wants transcripts released

--Portland cops moved pre-emptively on protesters last night

--in Texas, a county sheriff has been indicted for destruction of video evidence in death of Black man

--update on Assange extradition hearing, covered by Shadowproof, ConsortiumNews and Craig Murray

--Sheldon Adelson’s security chief is wanted for testimony in Spanish court case against company that spied on Assange at embassy

--our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis