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PBC News & Comment: Tax Returns Reveal Trump As Fraud, Fraudster

PBC News & Comment, 9.28.20: Tax Returns Reveal Trump As Fraud, Fraudster


As suspected, Trump isn’t as rich as he pretends, and his wealth is based in part on ongoing tax fraud….–NY Times gets hold of Trump tax returns for past 18 years; his wealth and income are far less than he pretends, and he is an expert tax cheat who’s deeply in debt

–David Sirota raises key questions regarding Trump’s finances

–Brad Parscale, demoted as Trump campaign manager, was involved in drunken cop confrontation Sunday, then went to psych ward

–Trump calls tax revelations Fake News, as NY Times is exposed by The Grayzone Project for Fake News involving ISIS hoaxter

–Erik Wemple at WashPost goes deep on the disputed reporting

–Trump names Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court, a real test of Democratic resistance to hard-right zealot, member of “People of Praise” cult

–voters tell pollsters that new president should pick court nominee

–new bodycam footage shows Louisville cops violated crime scene rules after killing Breonna Taylor

–LA Sheriff’s deputy caught on video beating protester with riot shield

–LA PD releases video of scene of shooting of protester with projectile, without the actual incident

–in weekend protest, anti-racist protest leader is charged with attempted murder after fleeing counter-protesters in her car, striking and injuring 2

–report shows 104 car runovers at protests this summer

LA Times launches self-examination of racism in the newsroom

–in Portland, the Proud Boys rally drew few Boys, no major incidents

–in Assange extradition hearing, defense witness dismantles claim that Assange helped Manning hack; reports from Shadowproof, ConsortiumNews and Craig Murray

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

–NYU Prof. Mark Crispin Miller is criticized for teaching students to be skeptical of mask requirements