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PBC News & Comment: After Stinky Debate, Rules Will Change

Trump interrupted Biden over 70 times, and rolled over moderator Chris Wallace in scorched-earth delivery last night in Cleveland…–debate commission will tighten up rules—how ‘bout a mic switch?

–Biden held up pretty well under blistering assault; he fumbled a few times, but no gaffes that will go viral

–Trump’s litany of lies and insults defies recapping

–post-debate polls vary, but most show Biden won

–pre-debate show shows low undecided and no change by likely voters

–Biden sets new fundraising record in hour after debate

–during the debate, many Americans were searching for info about moving to Canada

–Dem Rep. Tom Malinowski draws death threats after GOP campaign arm echoes QAnon attacks

–ex-FBI director Comey testifies about Russiagate to Senate panel

–after attorney from Muller investigation served up criticism, St. Bob breaks silence

–in letter to AG and DNI, House members asked if unauthorized surveillance is going on

–after 3-year fights, TrumpCo backs down from blocking abortions for migrant teenagers, and a judge has blocked immigration fee increases

–at Assange extradition hearing, secret witness testimony about plot to poison Assange draws wider media coverage; we cite Shadowproof, ConsortiumNews and Craig Murray

–and The Intercept breaks its silence to report that hacking charges have been proven false

–Aaron Maté testifies at UN about OPCW manipulating reports on chemical weapons use in Syria

NY Times promises fresh examination of ISIS reports that have been challenged

–LA man is arrested an charged in shooting of two deputies

–as spy operation Palantir goes public, Buzzfeed reveals that LA PD makes heavy use of its data tools

–Portland police trainers testified to grand juries about cases that knew little about

–Portland officials are re-thinking federal deputization of local coops

–our daily Covid-19 update

–20 wildfires are still scorching California

–Students for Justice in Palestine at Columbia pass referendum against Israeli apartheid

–Facebook Messenger is merging with Instagram