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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s White Nationalism Metasticizes

In mob rally in Minnesota, Trump launches another racist attack on Ilhan Omar as GOP lawmakers get more nervous about losing…–New Jersey report warns of violent unrest after the election

–3 years after Las Vegas massacre, former DHS official who warned of white right fanatics hits FBI for downplaying shooter’s far-right views

–after Kenosha shooting, Homeland Security distributed talking points sympathetic to accused shooter Kyle Rittenhouse

–conservative elder pundit George Will uses his big vocabulary to argue for cancelling remaining prez debates

–Drudge Report has turned on the Stable Genius

–Trump keeps heat on Philadelphia as laptop used to program voting machines is missing

–Senate Dems aren’t pulling out all the stops, but are offering some resistance to Barrett confirmation

–Guardian reports that Barrett signed letter stating life begins at fertilization

–Alexei Navalny fingers Putin in poisoning attempt, without evidence

–Reuters reports that Russian meddling in the minds of rightwing Americans is underway

–as Assange extradition hearing marks final day, Craig Murray publishes testimony from Noam Chomsky and the secret Witness #2

–corporate America implements big layoffs, and demands more bailouts as Pelosi and Mnuchin negotiate

–our daily Covid-19 update

–Sen. Warren and AOC honor virtual picket line, and drop out of New Yorker event

–Borat is back!