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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s White Nationalism Metasticizes

In mob rally in Minnesota, Trump launches another racist attack on Ilhan Omar as GOP lawmakers get more nervous about losing…--New Jersey report warns of violent unrest after the election

--3 years after Las Vegas massacre, former DHS official who warned of white right fanatics hits FBI for downplaying shooter's far-right views

--after Kenosha shooting, Homeland Security distributed talking points sympathetic to accused shooter Kyle Rittenhouse

--conservative elder pundit George Will uses his big vocabulary to argue for cancelling remaining prez debates

--Drudge Report has turned on the Stable Genius

--Trump keeps heat on Philadelphia as laptop used to program voting machines is missing

--Senate Dems aren’t pulling out all the stops, but are offering some resistance to Barrett confirmation

--Guardian reports that Barrett signed letter stating life begins at fertilization

--Alexei Navalny fingers Putin in poisoning attempt, without evidence

--Reuters reports that Russian meddling in the minds of rightwing Americans is underway

--as Assange extradition hearing marks final day, Craig Murray publishes testimony from Noam Chomsky and the secret Witness #2

--corporate America implements big layoffs, and demands more bailouts as Pelosi and Mnuchin negotiate

--our daily Covid-19 update

--Sen. Warren and AOC honor virtual picket line, and drop out of New Yorker event

--Borat is back!