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PBC News & Comment, 10.9.20: Plot Thickens In Michigan Militia Scheme

Total of 13 armed extremists now charged, and AG Dana Nessel says the investigation includes other states and armed groups…--Detroit News has details on expanding story

--legal expert says private militias are unconstitutional

--mercenary group is recruiting Special Forces vets to “guard polling places” in Minnesota

--Trump gets talked out of hosting weekend rallies

--former opioid addict Rush Limbaugh hosts extended on-air rally for erratic steroid user Trump, and bizarre comments flow

--on Hannity last night, Trump pressed for release of Durham’s Russiagate investigation, as declassified documents trickle out

--Pelosi on Trump as she activates 25th Amendment process: “Clearly, he’s under medication”

--Trump’s miracle drug is 2 antibody cocktail based on fetal tissues, which pro-lifers don’t approve

--Trump calls for bailout package that his Senate cult members won’t pass

--Fed could bail out states with interest-free loans

--State Dept imposes new sanctions on Iran that can harm citizens

--Twitter changes some rules, and suspends blogger/radio host Brad Friedman for accurate post with evidence linked

--Zoom, Facebook and YouTube yielded to pressure, blocked online seminar with Palestinian activist

--Facebook is embarrassed over its weak Oversight Board, and reversed effort to silence critical group

--Amy Coney Barrett rejected asylum for Salvadoran man trying to escape death threats from MS-13

--in new, in-depth interview, Shadowproof editor Kevin Gosztola recaps the biased extradition hearing for Julian Assange

--at The Intercept, Charles Glass offers a good recap, too

--former Gitmo commander John Nettleton draws 2-year stinit in the brig for coverup of affair and death of his mistress’ husband

--postal delivery rates have dropped again, despite court orders

--Trump bagman Elliot Broidy will plead guilty in influence peddling schemes

--NY Times reports on Trump tax documents exposes odd payout of $21 million from Las Vegas partnership in 2016

--our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

--all summer, Portland Police have failed to file use of force reports, in violation of oversight agreement