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PBC News & Comment: As Expected, Veep Debate Changes Little

Kamala Harris didn’t wipe the plexiglass partitions with Mike Pence, but held her own and scored some hits in debate…--your humble host opens with a range of commentary on the one-time encounter between the candidates, moderated by Susan Page of USA Today

--David Sirota notes that Harris was coached to defend Biden’s position of not ending fracking in order to win Pennsylvania

--steroid-addled Trump continues frantic behavior with video for seniors and TV interview where he slammed top allies

--in 45’s secret visit to Walter Reed last year, he demanded staff sign NDA’s

--after corporate-dominated debate commission shifts to virtual debate plan for next week, Trump bluffs about not participating

--Pelosi parries Trump on bailout negotiations, leaving the Best Dealmaker sputtering

--FBI arrests 6 militia men who were plotting to kidnap Michigan Gov. Whitman aver Covid lockdown

--in little-noticed statement, Joe Biden says he will end US support for war in Yemen, re-assess US-Saudi relations

--Facebook now says it will suspend all political advertising from late October onward

--House subcommittee calls for antitrust action against tech giants

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--at MintPress, Raul Diego reports on development of implantable chips to diagnose Covid and other maladies

--in Milwaukee, protests erupt as DA declines to charge trigger-happy cop who killed armed Black teen who was running away

--in Minneapolis, the cop who suffocated George Floyd is released on bail

--in about-face, Kentucky AG now seeks to silence grand jurors in Brionna Taylor investigation

--during summer protests, San Francisco police reportedly used private surveillance network in violation of local law