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In-Depth Interview: Election Protector Brad Friedman Fears the Worst on November 3

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Brad Friedman of has been fighting for honest elections for 20 years, and shares his concerns about this year’s presidential election.Friedman has been a longtime contributor to this podcast and the syndicated radio program that preceded it.  His forecast for November 3 is on the bleak side.

We open with a discussion of his current suspension from Twitter, over a post about Georgia’s dysfunctional voting process, which is worsened by major failures in the state’s new Dominion “ballot marking devices” (BMD) that are requiring software patches that are not certified by the federal Election Assistance Commission.  Friedman predicts long lines and confusion for voters, as we saw in the primary.

Friedman shares his concerns about the major shift to voting by mail, which presents security concerns; but considering the pandemic, he feels those risks are preferable to putting the health of many voters at risk.

We also discuss an array of active voter suppression tactics, from Trump’s promotion of fear of absentee voting to the efforts by GOP governors and election officials to make it harder for people, primarily democrats, to vote.