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PBC News & Comment: In Early Voting, Suppression Tactics Are Evident

Early voting in Georgia and Texas causes wait times 6-10 hours, mostly due to voting machine glitches, and turnout is strong…--3-judge appeals panel—all Trump appointees—uphold Texas Governor’s order to limit absentee ballot drop boxes

--California GOP leaders defend their illegal ballot drop boxes

NY Times maps the states where tabulation of mail-in ballots will be slow

--Pentagon boss won’t rule out sending troops to the polls

--polls show Dems will likely regain control of Senate

--Supreme Court declines to take up suit against Trump for emoluments violations, brought by members of Congress

--Amy Coney Barrett does the confirmation dance very well, deflecting questions about her extremism in extremely disarming manner

--at NY Times, Wajahat Ali asks: what if Amy Barrett Were Muslim?

--Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam was possible target of Michigan militia group that planned to kidnap Gov. Whitmer

--at MintPress, Raul Diego makes smart connection between the Wolverine wackos and Ruby Ridge standoff in 1970’s, and asks if Wolverines were entrapped

--McConnell says he will try to pass “skinny” bailout bill, and laughs about his failures in debate with Amy McGrath

--federal appeals court in San Francisco upholds ruling that journalists can stay at scenes where protesters are ordered to disperse

--at mob rally in central Florida, Trump tells cult members he’s done a great job on Covid, and says “Obamagate” won’t be exposed till after election

--Border Patrol is dumping migrants in dangerous desert, and deaths reach record

--“stop and frisk” is banned in New York, but cops are still profiling black and brown men and harassing them

--Kevin Gosztola details new bill by Tulsi Gabbard to reform Espionage Act

--the Ecuadorian diplomat who helped Assange win asylum writes list of reasons the case threatens freedom of speech

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--from the foreign desk: updates on Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Armenia

--Max Blumenthal reports on Amnesty International’s effort to blacklist ex-Pink Floyder Roger waters from conference