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PBC News & Comment: In Early Voting, Suppression Tactics Are Evident

Early voting in Georgia and Texas causes wait times 6-10 hours, mostly due to voting machine glitches, and turnout is strong…–3-judge appeals panel—all Trump appointees—uphold Texas Governor’s order to limit absentee ballot drop boxes

–California GOP leaders defend their illegal ballot drop boxes

NY Times maps the states where tabulation of mail-in ballots will be slow

–Pentagon boss won’t rule out sending troops to the polls

–polls show Dems will likely regain control of Senate

–Supreme Court declines to take up suit against Trump for emoluments violations, brought by members of Congress

–Amy Coney Barrett does the confirmation dance very well, deflecting questions about her extremism in extremely disarming manner

–at NY Times, Wajahat Ali asks: what if Amy Barrett Were Muslim?

–Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam was possible target of Michigan militia group that planned to kidnap Gov. Whitmer

–at MintPress, Raul Diego makes smart connection between the Wolverine wackos and Ruby Ridge standoff in 1970’s, and asks if Wolverines were entrapped

–McConnell says he will try to pass “skinny” bailout bill, and laughs about his failures in debate with Amy McGrath

–federal appeals court in San Francisco upholds ruling that journalists can stay at scenes where protesters are ordered to disperse

–at mob rally in central Florida, Trump tells cult members he’s done a great job on Covid, and says “Obamagate” won’t be exposed till after election

–Border Patrol is dumping migrants in dangerous desert, and deaths reach record

–“stop and frisk” is banned in New York, but cops are still profiling black and brown men and harassing them

–Kevin Gosztola details new bill by Tulsi Gabbard to reform Espionage Act

–the Ecuadorian diplomat who helped Assange win asylum writes list of reasons the case threatens freedom of speech

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–from the foreign desk: updates on Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Armenia

–Max Blumenthal reports on Amnesty International’s effort to blacklist ex-Pink Floyder Roger waters from conference