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PBC News & Comment: Story of Hunter Biden’s Laptop Draws Criticism, Censorship

Murdoch tabloid NY Post says it got contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop from Rudy Giuliani, with incriminating videos and emails…the reports could be true, but doubt is cast on legally blind computer repairman in Delaware who says Hunter dropped off his Macbook, never picked it up

–hard drive allegedly had video of Hunter smoking crack during sex scene, and memos regarding his deal in China

Daily Beast unpacks the story, links it to Sen. Ron Johnson’s investigation

Buzzfeed is OK with Facebook censorship, but slams it for allowing Ukraine allies of Giuliani to use the platform

WashPost offers initial fact checking

–the narrative has some coincidences with the 2016 late disclosures about Anthony Weiner’s laptop

–censorship by Facebook and Twitter, and initial blackout in corporate media, have only heightened interest, as YouTube hardens its ban on Qanon

The Intercept’s Lee Fang co-authors investigation of nepotism and graft related to Eric Branstad, son of Trump’s recent ambassador to China

–in the wake of tonight’s cancelled debate, Trump and Biden will duel in separate town hall TV shows—critics pounce

–new Senate polls favor Dems, but Lindsay Graham may be bouncing back

–after 2 weeks of protests, Kyrgyzstan president resigns

–journalist Terry Phillips educates your humble host about the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan in latest in-depth interview podcast

–Max Blumenthal and Grayzone posse are in Bolivia to observe elections, and they were under surveillance even before they arrived

–Dems use feeble tactic to delay Barrett confirmation, but GOP steamroller can’t be stopped

–GOP pushes the lie that SCOTUS is unlikely to kill Obamacare

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–Portland OR and Oakland CA partner in lawsuit challenging federal patrols

–Ammon Bundy says he has recruited 20,000 followers to confront the scourge of Libtards