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PBC News & Comment: Executions by Police Enabled by Impunity

Comments from Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend and new investigation of the 1-way shootout of Michael Reinoehl show deadly abuse of authority…–Kenneth Walker gives detailed interview about the midnight police raid that left Breonna dead

NY Times investigation clearly shows that US Marshals shot and killed Portland shooting suspect Reinoehl without warning or warrant

–in Portland, 3 new lawsuits accuse cops of punitive assaults on peaceful protesters

–Amy Coney Barrett’s rulings show she’s strongly pro-police, says Nathan Robinson

–Michigan Sen. Gary Peters shares personal story about abortion, and we play comments from Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA)

–David Sirota reveals that Barrett’s father was a lawyer for Shell, New Yorker columnist John Cassidy says the hearings are “enlightening sham” and The Intercept’s Ryan Grim says Barrett is a liar

–the 8-member Supreme Court overturned lower court, shutting down the Census count early

–Facebook says it’s not a publisher, but is limiting visibility of posts related to Hunter Biden

ConsortiumNews sues Canadian TV network for false claims that CN is Russian controlled

–Trump’s “Obamagate” claims deflate as Barr is unable to find wrongdoing in “unmasking” of Mike Flynn’s intercepted phone calls

–Jason Leopold’s demand for Russiagate documents is rebuffed, as Justice Dept says Trump’s tweets don’t declassify documents

–no bottom yet: Trump tweets photoshopped image of Biden in wheelchair

WashPost obtains video of Trump allies colluding to suppress the vote

–under cover of banking reform, Philippines pursues new ID system that will include Covid status

–Facebook and YouTube are censoring critics of Covid vaccine process

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

–Kevin Gosztola reports on whistleblower who quit meatpacking plant over Covid testing cutback

PBS and Reveal report on Amazon’s coverup of growing worker injuries at its warehouses