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PBC News & Comment: Finally, Trump Allies Fear For Their Political Lives

Double-talking Sen. Ben Sasse tells Nebraska voters he fears “Blue Tsunami” and slams Trump as he works to confirm Barrett….--in dueling town hall TV shows, Biden draws 1 million more viewers and is mostly coherent as angry Trump sputters under grilling by Savannah Guthrie

--Speaker Pelosi is pressured by Dems and allies to accept Trump’s bailout offer, but they forget that he can’t deliver it

--petulant tyrant president rejects California’s routine request for disaster funds due to wildfires

--raging fires consume foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro

--worsening drought affects half of US, as La Niña portends dry winter on West Coast

--Mexican farmers in Chihuahua state seize control of Boquilla dam in fight over dwindling water supplies

--petty tyrant president seems to follow through on threat to cut federal funding to Portland, where demonstrations continue

--in Jason Leopold FOIA case, judge demands confirmation that Trump’s tweets are legitimate presidential orders

--NSC adviser Robert O’Brien says that Trump’s tweets about pulling troops out of Afghanistan is a legit order

--Trump’s wrecking crew is working overtime to gut regulations, apparently fearing their time is up

--as your humble host predicted, the Hunter Biden-Ukraine story is back with a vengeance

--Glenn Greenwald slams Facebook and Twitter over ham-handed censorship

--major problems in Ohio, as printer of mail-in ballots screws up bigly

--in dissent, federal judge in Tennessee calls out enabling of voter suppression by courts

--Kanye West is on 10 state ballots as presidential candidate, but in CA he’s VP candidate for minor party that once supported George Wallace

--more deadly behavior by LA County sheriffs exposed by LA Times

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola covers the lawsuit by COnsortiumNews against Canadian TV network for false claims

--at MintPress, Raul Diego reports on NC hub for torture and rendition flights

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--NYC will create RBG statue in Brooklyn

--decades after RBG sued Rutgers over equal pay, female professors are fighting for equal pay, again

--this weekend, there’s an online benefit concert to aid concert workers, featuring Foo Fighters and Dave Matthews, look on YouTube, #SOSFest

--and for weekend viewing, Aaron Sorkin’s “Trial of the Chicago 7” debuts on Netflix