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PBC News & Comment: 15 Days to Election, Trump’s Working Hard to Defeat Himself

Barnstorming from one mob rally to another, Trump breaks character to admit he’s likely to lose, might leave the country….–Lara Trump says Donny is just “having fun” in attacking Gov. Whitmer at Michigan rally

–at NY Times, Jonathan Martin sizes it up

–Trump takes swipes at Sen. Sasse and Dr. Fauci

–21 white supremacists in Utah busted on gun and meth charges

–FBI is finally cracking down on armed white extremists, Guardian reports

–the election process is already chaotic—which Trump considers success

NY Times ranks 7 most troubled states

–Trump’s appointees to appeals courts are delivering for him in election lawsuits

–Democratic Senate candidates are hauling in obscene amounts of campaign cash

–in what appears to be coordinated media initiatives, US and UK are blaming Russia for past cyberattacks

–and Caitlin Johnstone warns of a renewed Russiagate narrative

–Facebook bans Ukraine ally of Giuliani, as Twitter blocks account of Dr. Scott Atlas

Mother Jones editor blasts Facebook for limiting its exposure, says it cost the magazine up to $600,00

–FCC chair tries to pacify Trump, says he will review legal status of social media

–Bolivian voters overturn last year’s US-backed coup in Sunday’s election

–Glenn Greenwald offers context about Bolivia

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis; find the new data site mentioned, here

WashPost exposes dissension in Covid task force, most blame Dr. Scott Atlas

–San Francisco panel goes overboard, suggests 44 schools consider name change