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PBC News & Comment: 15 Days to Election, Trump’s Working Hard to Defeat Himself

Barnstorming from one mob rally to another, Trump breaks character to admit he’s likely to lose, might leave the country….--Lara Trump says Donny is just “having fun” in attacking Gov. Whitmer at Michigan rally

--at NY Times, Jonathan Martin sizes it up

--Trump takes swipes at Sen. Sasse and Dr. Fauci

--21 white supremacists in Utah busted on gun and meth charges

--FBI is finally cracking down on armed white extremists, Guardian reports

--the election process is already chaotic—which Trump considers success

--NY Times ranks 7 most troubled states

--Trump’s appointees to appeals courts are delivering for him in election lawsuits

--Democratic Senate candidates are hauling in obscene amounts of campaign cash

--in what appears to be coordinated media initiatives, US and UK are blaming Russia for past cyberattacks

--and Caitlin Johnstone warns of a renewed Russiagate narrative

--Facebook bans Ukraine ally of Giuliani, as Twitter blocks account of Dr. Scott Atlas

--Mother Jones editor blasts Facebook for limiting its exposure, says it cost the magazine up to $600,00

--FCC chair tries to pacify Trump, says he will review legal status of social media

--Bolivian voters overturn last year’s US-backed coup in Sunday’s election

--Glenn Greenwald offers context about Bolivia

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis; find the new data site mentioned, here

--WashPost exposes dissension in Covid task force, most blame Dr. Scott Atlas

--San Francisco panel goes overboard, suggests 44 schools consider name change