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PBC News & Comment: Media Gatekeepers at The Intercept Take Swipes at Greenwald

To their lasting disgrace, Intercept editors and Naomi Klein hammer Greenwald for calling out their efforts to protect the Bidens…--Greenwald’s resignation and claims of censorship reverberate; read Matt Taibbi here, MintPress here

--The Guardian reports that Facebook human moderators took manual control to limit distribution of NY Post report on Hunter Biden’s laptop

--Buzzfeed exposes Facebook’s quiet suspension of political groups this year

--Britain’s Daily Mail gave better coverage of Zuckerberg’s explanations in Senate hearing this week

--more evidence that Facebook was used by armed extremists groups to recruit and communicate

--in new, in-depth interview, filmmaker Leslie Iwerks talks about new documentary, Selling Lies, detailing 2016 fake news on social media created in Macedonia

--ransomware attacks on 9 US hospitals are blamed on Russian criminal hacking gang, Wizard Spider

--Chris Christie gets punked, and not by Borat

--Court watchers try to explain the incoherent election interference by SCOTUS

--at ConsortiumNews, Nozomi Hayase calls to resist the “lesser of 2 evils”

--offshore ace commentator Pepe Escobar previews Biden’s “Blob”, the team that would serve up same old neocon regime change policies, and offers more detail than NY Times report

--Trump donor Louis DeJoy succeeded in slowing down mail delivery

--labor unions have floated the idea of a general strike if Trump loses but refuses to go

--Louisville cop who killed Breonna Taylor sues her boyfriend in bizarre deflection of his own blunders

--our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

--NY Times exposes Bill Barr’s effort to kill suit against Turkish Bank, another reason to dis-bar the AG