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PBC News & Comment: After Dispute with Editors, Glenn Greenwald Resigns from The Intercept

Culminating argument with editors about Joe/Hunter Biden article, Intercept founder Glenn Greenwald resigns in protest over attempt at censorship…–you can read Greenwald’s emails with editors and resignation letter here

–Fox “News” recovers missing package with Hunter Biden documents

–“Anonymous” Trump “senior official” outs himself—Miles Taylor was a staffer at Homeland Security who is implicated in unlawful changes to asylum policy

–in new article, pediatricians call child separation policies “torture”

–in latest intrusion into state election rules, SCOTUS angers Trump by allowing PA and NC

–House members off legislation to place term limits on Supreme Court members

–in good sign for Biden, young voters are showing up in big numbers

–at his mob rallies, Trump continues to drop hints that he might lose

–Trump’s effort to demolish civil service protections extends his efforts to purge those considered disloyal

–start-up called Civvl is hiring gig workers to help with evictions

–new tally shows almost 1,000 incidents of police brutality last summer

–Breonna Taylor’s mother demands new prosecutor after sham Grand Jury proceedings are exposed

–80 criminal justice leaders join suit to prevent federal troop deployments, like in Portland

–Portland’s City Council restricts the actions of 56 cops who were deputized as federal marshals

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

–Britain’s Labour Party suspends former PM candidate Jeremy Corbyn over anti-Semitism flap

–Ralph Nader bugs NPR to drop funding from corporate criminals