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PBC News & Comment: On Election Eve, Too Much Noise to Gauge Outcome

The din of tightening polls, continued voter suppression, and Trump’s brazen lies and projection make it impossible to predict outcome…–the polls show Biden will win popular vote, but polls don’t factor in the suppression schemes, and post-election maneuvers

–massive early voting appears to favor Biden, but Trump telegraphs he will try to stop the vote count while he’s ahead

–Texas Supreme Court blocks effort to discard 120,000 drive-in voters, but GOP’s not done yet

WashPost op-ed by law professor Steve Vladeck adds context

–in NC, voters marching to the polls were pepper sprayed by cops

–in TX, Biden campaign bus was almost run off the road by Trump caravan, and the big bully beams approvingly

–nationwide, cops and National Guard on alert for protests, as Porland faces new unrest over police shooting of Black man in alleged drug case

–corporate media continue to protect Biden over allegations against Hunter, leading Trump mobs to believe it more firmly

–yet Fox News seems to have moved on, last report on Bobulinski was 5 days ago

–Caitlin Johnstone says we are being played by Bobulinski and Deep State

–Jeremy Scahill issues statement on Greeenwald and The Intercept that could’ve been crafted by crisis PR team

–at ConsortiumNews, Elizabeth Vos argues that media blackout of Assange extradition hearings help Trump

–Matt Taibbi calls this election “the worst choice ever” and says he won’t vote for Trump or Biden

–European officials: “we don’t want anything to do with your fucked-up election”

–Trump tries to beat Covid with lies about Covid

–our daily Covid-19 update, assisted by Linda Lewis

–expecting a child in December, Ed Snowden applies for dual citizenship in Russia

–many people are developing plans to leave America if Trump is re-selected