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PBC News & Comment: On Election Eve, Too Much Noise to Gauge Outcome

The din of tightening polls, continued voter suppression, and Trump’s brazen lies and projection make it impossible to predict outcome…--the polls show Biden will win popular vote, but polls don’t factor in the suppression schemes, and post-election maneuvers

--massive early voting appears to favor Biden, but Trump telegraphs he will try to stop the vote count while he’s ahead

--Texas Supreme Court blocks effort to discard 120,000 drive-in voters, but GOP’s not done yet

--WashPost op-ed by law professor Steve Vladeck adds context

--in NC, voters marching to the polls were pepper sprayed by cops

--in TX, Biden campaign bus was almost run off the road by Trump caravan, and the big bully beams approvingly

--nationwide, cops and National Guard on alert for protests, as Porland faces new unrest over police shooting of Black man in alleged drug case

--corporate media continue to protect Biden over allegations against Hunter, leading Trump mobs to believe it more firmly

--yet Fox News seems to have moved on, last report on Bobulinski was 5 days ago

--Caitlin Johnstone says we are being played by Bobulinski and Deep State

--Jeremy Scahill issues statement on Greeenwald and The Intercept that could’ve been crafted by crisis PR team

--at ConsortiumNews, Elizabeth Vos argues that media blackout of Assange extradition hearings help Trump

--Matt Taibbi calls this election “the worst choice ever” and says he won’t vote for Trump or Biden

--European officials: “we don’t want anything to do with your fucked-up election”

--Trump tries to beat Covid with lies about Covid

--our daily Covid-19 update, assisted by Linda Lewis

--expecting a child in December, Ed Snowden applies for dual citizenship in Russia

--many people are developing plans to leave America if Trump is re-selected