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PBC News & Comment: Will Biden Declare Victory Before Trump?

Election cliffhanger is expected, and the first to declare victory has an edge; we take a look at world news, too…–Facebook girds for premature victory claims, as employee morale drops

–over 300 election lawsuits are pending, could be vehicles for legal protests

–Jason Leopold gets less-redacted versions of Mueller documents, which appear to vindicate WikiLeaks’ assertions that Russia was not source of HRC emails

–Gareth Porter exposes the most recent claims of Russian meddling as dubious, at best

–at The Intercept, Ryan Grim offers interesting angle on the late political hits on Hunter Biden, which aren’t entirely unfounded

Buzzfeed is tracking election disinfo on social media

–we get offshore perspectives on the US election: Haaretz columnist Chemi Shalev compares views of Israeli and American Jews;  Pepe Escobar looks at Russia and China; and Canadian Rob Rousseau says the world loses with either winner

–rare mass shooting in Vienna blamed on Islamic State sympathizer, as IS militants kill 22 at law school in Kabul

–in Tanzania, election observers are skeptical of victory claimed by embattled John Magufuli, and MintPress reporter Raul Diego adds context

–Ivory Coast president wins 3rd term after opposition boycotts election

–in Ethiopia, ethnic attack leaves 54 dead

–Seal Team 6 rescued an American in Nigeria

–threats of yet another coup in Bolivia are in the air, as Patrick Lawrence reports

–Medea Benjamin co-authors regime change commentary that starts with Bolivia, and expands

–American mercenary involved with failed invasion of Venezuela provides details

–in Miami, Cuban exiles are joined by those from Venezuela and Colombia, and most support Trump

–yielding to largest protests since Solidarity, Poland delays new total ban on abortion

–after weeks of student-led protests of the monarchy and royalty, talk of another military coup swirls in Thailand

–Indonesian president Joko Widodo signs sweeping law that guts labor protections and many environmental regulations

–3 months on, protests continue in Belarus

–our daily Covid-19 update, with focus on the new wave in Europe