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PBC News & Comment: Escalating Election Attacks, Trump Gets Personally Involved in Michigan

As the 2 GOP members of Detroit canvas board try to recant, Trump phones them and sets meeting with Michigan Republicans…--and Trump hosts Friday meeting with top GOP state lawmakers Friday

--in the first of PBC’s Last Interviews, historian and author Thomas Frank comments on Trump’s desperate moves and deep flaws of the Democrats

--The Nation’s sports writer, Dave Zirin, reports that Colin Kaepernick is standing up for political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal; watch Kap's statement here

--to welcome Mike Pompeo, Israel stages air strikes on Golan Heights and toured American-owned West Bank winery, and Pompeo slams BDS

--ConsortiumNews explores US war crimes in Afghanistan, and posts Caitlin Johnstone commentary about Australian war crimes there

--NY Times reports that US sanctions on Venezuela have produced crackdown on Maduro supporters who criticize gas shortage or run for Congress

--Qanon mom who lost custody of kids is accused of killing man she thought was helping her regain custody

--LA police department bans use of commercial facial recognition, but they have their own database of photos

--DHS has plan to use defense contractors to collect biometric data on immigrants and citizens

--climate activists protest at DNC over Biden’s pick of Rep. Cedric Richmond

--our daily Covid-19 update, compiled by Linda Lewis

--WashPost video report includes new info on Kenosha shootings, including interview with teen gunman

--regarding FAA approval to let 737 Max resume flights, Ralph Nader unloads on FAA boss in letter