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PBC News & Comment: Escalating Election Attacks, Trump Gets Personally Involved in Michigan

As the 2 GOP members of Detroit canvas board try to recant, Trump phones them and sets meeting with Michigan Republicans…–and Trump hosts Friday meeting with top GOP state lawmakers Friday

–in the first of PBC’s Last Interviews, historian and author Thomas Frank comments on Trump’s desperate moves and deep flaws of the Democrats

The Nation’s sports writer, Dave Zirin, reports that Colin Kaepernick is standing up for political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal; watch Kap’s statement here

–to welcome Mike Pompeo, Israel stages air strikes on Golan Heights and toured American-owned West Bank winery, and Pompeo slams BDS

ConsortiumNews explores US war crimes in Afghanistan, and posts Caitlin Johnstone commentary about Australian war crimes there

NY Times reports that US sanctions on Venezuela have produced crackdown on Maduro supporters who criticize gas shortage or run for Congress

–Qanon mom who lost custody of kids is accused of killing man she thought was helping her regain custody

–LA police department bans use of commercial facial recognition, but they have their own database of photos

–DHS has plan to use defense contractors to collect biometric data on immigrants and citizens

–climate activists protest at DNC over Biden’s pick of Rep. Cedric Richmond

–our daily Covid-19 update, compiled by Linda Lewis

WashPost video report includes new info on Kenosha shootings, including interview with teen gunman

–regarding FAA approval to let 737 Max resume flights, Ralph Nader unloads on FAA boss in letter