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PBC News & Comment: Will Trump’s Desperate Maneuvers Flip the Senate to Democrats?

In his Shermanesque efforts to reclaim Georgia for himself, is Trump burning and pillaging prospects for Sens. Perdue and Loeffler?….–Georgia recount has “found” about 3,000 votes for Trump, not enough to help Trump; but the GOP interparty war could cost the candidates in Jan. 5 runoff

–in last-minute call, Trump will pay for partial Wisconsin recount, the strategy that cost the Dems the 2000 election in Supreme Court case

–last night in Michigan, Republican members of Wayne County canvass board initially refused to certify, then changed their minds

–Borat was nowhere in sight as Rudy Giuliani embarrassed himself in Pennsylvania court hearing

Guardian analysis says Trump can’t pull off the substitute electors scheme

–Trump tweet-fires DHS official who said this was the safest election

–Trump keeps lying about the election results on social media, and Facebook’s tags have very little impact—they may increase readership

–one case of the mail-in voter fraud Trump railed against has surfaced, in Los Angeles County city of Hawthorne

–Pelosi is on track to retain speakership with razor-thin 4-seat majority

–as Trump orders troop reduction in Iraq and considers hit on Iran, Iranian-linked militia fires rockets at Green Zone in Baghdad

–at ConsortiumNews, William J. Astore notes that Democrats oppose US retreat from Aghanistan’s forever war

–federal judge handling Mike Flynn case rules against Trump’s instant deportation of minors seeking asylum

–Trump and Barr are moving to conduct more executions, as Biden is opposed to death penalty

–after 2 fatal crashes grounded Boeing’s 737 Max, FAA approves plan for it to fly again

–in first phase of NY state effort to shut down NRA, it agrees to pay fine and suspend insurance sales to gun owners

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

–the block where Julian Assange is held at Belmarsh prison is locked down due to Covid outbreak

–your location data, collected from your smart phone, is routinely sold and the US military is a big buyer

–the coral reefs along Florida and the Keys is nearly dead

–the Covid recession is hitting moms the hardest