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PBC News & Comment: Michigan Certifies Biden Victory

In blow to Trump’s desperate schemes to overturn his election loss, Michigan canvas panel certifies Biden’s win, limiting Trump’s options…--Saturday night, as Pennsylvania judge decimated her legal work, Sidney Powell is dumped by Trump….but Rudy’s still on the case

--Sidney Powell issues statement with Trumpian hype: she will prove massive faud, “it will be epic”

--Trump’s media allies shift from challenging election results to enforcing loyalty

--cowardly GOP senators are tip-toeing around Trump’s denial, as Carl Bernstein exposes 21 who are enabling Trump despite privately scorning him

--NY Times tries to explain the claims that Dominion rigged the election

--the Trumps are super-spreaders—of disinformation

--in Last Interview, Dr. Justin Frank describes Trump’s destructiveness, and more

--Biden names longtime advisors and Obama veterans to top posts, with John Kerry as climate czar—no progressives or fresh thinkers so far

--in double post, Dan Cohen profiles the hawkish Dems—who were responsible for the blunders in Iraq, Syria and Libya—in Biden’s cabinet

--Buzzfeed recaps the internal fight among House Dems, and predicts there won’t be a post-mortem

--Trump was too busy golfing to zoom into G20 summit, but sent video plasting Paris climate accord

--reports draw denials that Netanyahu had secret meeting with MBS

--in latest gift to Israel, TrumpCo releases from parole Jonathan Pollard, the American who spied for Israel

--from California to Denmark, some are protesting Covid restrictions and forced vaccination

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--at MintPress, Alan Mcleod praises the Astra-Zenica model’s nonprofit approach, in contrast to Pfizer and Moderna