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PBC News & Comment: Michigan Certifies Biden Victory

In blow to Trump’s desperate schemes to overturn his election loss, Michigan canvas panel certifies Biden’s win, limiting Trump’s options…–Saturday night, as Pennsylvania judge decimated her legal work, Sidney Powell is dumped by Trump….but Rudy’s still on the case

–Sidney Powell issues statement with Trumpian hype: she will prove massive faud, “it will be epic”

–Trump’s media allies shift from challenging election results to enforcing loyalty

–cowardly GOP senators are tip-toeing around Trump’s denial, as Carl Bernstein exposes 21 who are enabling Trump despite privately scorning him

NY Times tries to explain the claims that Dominion rigged the election

–the Trumps are super-spreaders—of disinformation

–in Last Interview, Dr. Justin Frank describes Trump’s destructiveness, and more

–Biden names longtime advisors and Obama veterans to top posts, with John Kerry as climate czar—no progressives or fresh thinkers so far

–in double post, Dan Cohen profiles the hawkish Dems—who were responsible for the blunders in Iraq, Syria and Libya—in Biden’s cabinet

Buzzfeed recaps the internal fight among House Dems, and predicts there won’t be a post-mortem

–Trump was too busy golfing to zoom into G20 summit, but sent video plasting Paris climate accord

–reports draw denials that Netanyahu had secret meeting with MBS

–in latest gift to Israel, TrumpCo releases from parole Jonathan Pollard, the American who spied for Israel

–from California to Denmark, some are protesting Covid restrictions and forced vaccination

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–at MintPress, Alan Mcleod praises the Astra-Zenica model’s nonprofit approach, in contrast to Pfizer and Moderna