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PBC Last Interview: ‘Trump On The Couch’ Author Dr. Justin Frank Breaks Down Trump’s Post-Election Behavior

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In another installment of the Last Interview series, Washington psychiatrist Justin Frank returns with the latest on Trump’s post-election antics.Technical note: this audio recording is peppered with hiccups and dropouts caused by the computer we recorded on.  Sorry for the annoyance, there’s no way to fix it.

Frank is the author of Trump on the Couch, Obama on the Couch, and Bush on the Couch; since we first met in 2005, we have developed a warm connection based on the rich conversations we’ve had about our presidents.

We open with comments on Trump’s petulant behavior since the election, and his history of destructiveness, which Frank traces back to childhood.

We discuss his deep narcissism, and his addiction to the adulation of people he has expressed open contempt for.

And we discuss the 70 million plus voters who supported Trump, despite his obvious flaws and the countless lies he used to promote himself and vilify Democrats.  Frank says he’s thinking about a book on Trump supporters, but is not sure how to fit them all on the couch, which barely supports Trump’s head in the cover art for Trump on the Couch.