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PBC News & Comment: Final Podcast! California Cons Scam Megamillions From Unemployment Dept.

Prosecutors reveal that 35,000 prisoners filed for unemployment benefits, fleecing the state of hundreds of millions of dollars this year…–DON’T TELL MITCH! this massive scam will complicate efforts to get GOP to approve state and local bailouts

–as expected, lame duck Trump pardons another turkey right before Thanksgiving, this time, it’s Mike Flynn

–like a fish flopping around on a dock, Trump desperately tries to find a way to overturn the election results in Pennsylvania

–deep state bureaucrats bite the Lame Duck, denying permit for Pebble Mine project in Alaska

–but his minions are frantically trying to gut more regulations before they go, follow the action at ProPublica

here’s the link to the gospel-ish song, Trump Is Gone

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

–our favorite whistleblowers, Joe Carson and Linda Lewis, respond to John Kiriakou’s comments on Joe Biden

And in the rest of this podcast, your humble host recaps its history and his disillusionment with his country and its media. Here’s a selfie of PBC and Chloee.

I’m deeply grateful to my listeners, subscribers, critics, and the incredible array of guests who graced my podcast over the past 11.5 years!

Peter B. Collins