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PBC News & Comment: He Won’t Concede, But Trump & Allies Accede

As Michigan and Pennsylvania certify and Giuliani clown car crashes, Trump allows transition to proceed, signaling acceptance without concession…–GSA bureaucrat Emily Murphy claims she wasn’t pressured, but told friends she thought she’d be fired if she approved transition before now

–NJ congressman files complaints in 5 states seeking to disbar Giuliani

Fox hosts Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson accept the outcome while calling it unfair, Rush Limbaugh focuses on GOP voter beliefs fed them by Trump and media

–Reuters talks to Trumpers in Texas, who believe the election was stolen and await Trump’s call to take up arms

NY Times reports Sidney Powell was severed from the legal team after accusing Georgia officials of taking bribes

–listener Paul Lehto offers some ideas about next steps in the process

–at TomDispatch, retired Col. Andrew Bacevich approves of Trump’s hobbled efforts at bringing troops home

WashPost article echoes progressive complaints about Biden’s first round of picks

–John Kiriakou reveals how Joe Biden pressed Obama to pardon him, unsuccessfully

USA Today Mcpaper in Delaware offers new details of Hunter Biden laptop story, as repair shop suddenly closes

–Purdue Pharma admits criminal guilt in opioid crisis, but Sacklers so far not charged

–accused Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse makes bail with help of prominent Trump backers, AOC calls it “protection of white supremacy”

–federal labor panel limits impact of 2017 law that allowed easier firing of VA workers

–in Georgia, a third runoff on January 5 will determine future of utility rates and twin reactor nuke plant under construction

–at ConsortiumNews, Diana Johnstone explains “the great reset” with a dash of oligarch fearmongering

–also at ConsortiumNews, Chris Hedges posts powerful indictment of both parties

–our daily Covid019 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–in wake of Barrett hearings, Sen. Dianne Feinstein steps down as lead Democrat on Judiciary Committee

–Minnesota regulators approve Line 3 pipeline, but stipulate that Enbridge can’t mistreat protesters like at Standing Rock

–TrumpCo tries to expedite approval of copper mine on Native American sacred ground

–strange obelisk found in remote area of Utah