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PBC Post-Retirement Special: Trump Hits Bottom, Drags US with Him

Since the election, I’ve observed that Trump hadn’t hit bottom yet; January 6 was that day, the damage will linger…In this unscheduled outburst, your retired humble host comments on a momentous week in the final days of the Trump error.  I have not had time to assemble the email alert list, so please share this with friends and on social media!

--Trump’s inaugural speech about “carnage” was prophetic. His nonstop mob rallies, as recently as Monday, groomed and conditioned his mob mentality of righteous despot: pro-life, and death to Libtards

--Neocon through leader Max Boot nails McConnell and McCarthy for enabling Trumpism, says they must go

--Peter van Buren did a fair report on Hunter Biden’s laptop

--and at ConsortiumNews, Joe Lauria unpacks the religious rhetoric used to describe the mob action in Washington on January 6