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PBC Post-Retirement Special: Trump Hits Bottom, Drags US with Him

Since the election, I’ve observed that Trump hadn’t hit bottom yet; January 6 was that day, the damage will linger…In this unscheduled outburst, your retired humble host comments on a momentous week in the final days of the Trump error.  I have not had time to assemble the email alert list, so please share this with friends and on social media!

–Trump’s inaugural speech about “carnage” was prophetic. His nonstop mob rallies, as recently as Monday, groomed and conditioned his mob mentality of righteous despot: pro-life, and death to Libtards

–Neocon through leader Max Boot nails McConnell and McCarthy for enabling Trumpism, says they must go

–Peter van Buren did a fair report on Hunter Biden’s laptop

–and at ConsortiumNews, Joe Lauria unpacks the religious rhetoric used to describe the mob action in Washington on January 6