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PBC Post-Retirement Special #2: : The Stable Genius Has Left Our Building

Like so many, your humble host is relieved at Trump’s exit; Biden has made some good moves, some bad, some awful….–at inauguration, Biden’s call for unity is nice sentiment, but who defines leadership, compromise, and capitulation?

–in the speech, Biden took on the truth emergency, without noting his own role in it, as David Sirota points out

–new Pentagon boss wants to close Gitmo (good), as Biden signals continuity with Trump on Venezuela (bad)

–Biden shows compassion and leadership on pandemic, a clear improvement over Trump, as well as DACA and immigration reform, killing Keystone XL, rejoining Paris accord and new relief package with child tax credit

–PBC offers quick comments on Biden’s cabinet; worst picks are Neera Tanden, Tom Vilsack and Victoria Nuland

–Biden and his awful foreign policy/intel team call Russia an adversary while offering to extend nuclear treaty

–Trump’s last-minute effort to declassify Russiagate docs is thwarted by Dems and FBI

–in recent Clinton podcast, HRC and Pelsoi blame Putin for Capitol riots, as Joe Lauria reports

–Propaganda Wars: Russia gives payback to Radio Free Europe, as Biden moves quickly to restore US propaganda arms

–PBC believes January 6 attack on Capitol was incited by Trump and supports Senate conviction, is surprised by lefty denialists

–Glenn Greenwald has some reasonable concerns about a new Patriot Act, but hyperventilates about them

–end-of-term pardons are always sordid, Trump’s are especially stinky

–US Catholic Bishops soiled themselves supporting Trump, and some will continue with Biden, for different reasons, as Tom Reese reports

–a tribute to my friend Libby Sherwood, who died on January 15 at age 89