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PBC Post-Retirement Special #2: : The Stable Genius Has Left Our Building

Like so many, your humble host is relieved at Trump’s exit; Biden has made some good moves, some bad, some awful….--at inauguration, Biden’s call for unity is nice sentiment, but who defines leadership, compromise, and capitulation?

--in the speech, Biden took on the truth emergency, without noting his own role in it, as David Sirota points out

--new Pentagon boss wants to close Gitmo (good), as Biden signals continuity with Trump on Venezuela (bad)

--Biden shows compassion and leadership on pandemic, a clear improvement over Trump, as well as DACA and immigration reform, killing Keystone XL, rejoining Paris accord and new relief package with child tax credit

--PBC offers quick comments on Biden’s cabinet; worst picks are Neera Tanden, Tom Vilsack and Victoria Nuland

--Biden and his awful foreign policy/intel team call Russia an adversary while offering to extend nuclear treaty

--Trump’s last-minute effort to declassify Russiagate docs is thwarted by Dems and FBI

--in recent Clinton podcast, HRC and Pelsoi blame Putin for Capitol riots, as Joe Lauria reports

--Propaganda Wars: Russia gives payback to Radio Free Europe, as Biden moves quickly to restore US propaganda arms

--PBC believes January 6 attack on Capitol was incited by Trump and supports Senate conviction, is surprised by lefty denialists

--Glenn Greenwald has some reasonable concerns about a new Patriot Act, but hyperventilates about them

--end-of-term pardons are always sordid, Trump’s are especially stinky

--US Catholic Bishops soiled themselves supporting Trump, and some will continue with Biden, for different reasons, as Tom Reese reports

--a tribute to my friend Libby Sherwood, who died on January 15 at age 89