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From the Archives; PBC Interviews Rush Limbaugh, 1991

In a rare interview that the recently departed Rush Limbaugh gave to someone outside the conservative media safe zone, PBC took on the rising star in this 1991 KNBR interview.For several years, your humble host followed the Limbaugh show every day on KNBR in San Francisco.  In this archived interview from September, 1991, you hear Limbaugh define his act, and defend  it from charges of racism and unfairness.

As PBC explains in the introduction, his bosses were in the producer’s booth, cheering Limbaugh on as he got a run for the money, with questions submitted by listeners and callers.  Limbaugh declares his loyalty to Reagan, defends his liberal bashing, and near the end he defends war and rejects peace.

Thanks to Ben Manilla for assistance in dubbing the original reel to reel tape of the interview.  Some parts are a little “muddy”, but you can understand what’s being said.  The commercials, news and sports reports have been deleted, but Bay Area radio fans will hear cameos from Kim Wonderly, Bruce McGowan and the late Ralph Barbieri.