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Info on Podcast #121

Stephen Zunes on Dems’ denial of Armenian genocide; Dahr Jamail on Iraq. Zunes is Professor of Politics and Chair of Mid-Eastern Studies at University of San Francisco. He comments on a March 11 article he wrote at Huffington Post about the most recent House resolution acknowledging the Armenian genocide at the hands of Ottoman Turks in 1918-19, which was passed by the Foreign Relations Committee. Secretary of State Clinton, who supported such a measure as a senator and candidate, opposes it now, and worked to prevent it from a full House vote. Obama and Pelosi have also flipped from previous support, and Zunes recounts the history of excuses along with the latest–we need Turkish support for sanctions against Iran. Zunes also comments on the new START treaty and the upcoming summit in Washington. Jamail is an independent journalist who has been a frequent PBC contributor, and he comments on the newly-released video of US choppers who killed a dozen Iraqis, including two Reuters reporters, in July, 2007. Watch the video here. Jamail also talks about the recent elections in Iraq and the execution of 25 Sunnis, and about the progress of US troop withdrawals. Read his latest reports here.