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Grace Institute Election Integrity Awards

We’ve covered election integrity extensively here, and today we talk with some heroes: Carolyn Crnich, Mitch Trachtenberg, Eric Lazarus and Pam Smith. Crnich is elections chief in Humboldt County, CA and worked with local activist Trachtenberg to develop and deploy a transparent second count of all ballots using nonprofit-based open source software. This system disclosed errors in the Nov 2008 count from Diebold opscan tabulators. Crnich and Tom Staniosis, the election official in Yolo County CA were honored as the first recipients of the award for innovation in trustworthiness of elections by the Grace Institute for Democracy and Election Integrity. In our second segment starting at 31:34, we are joined by Eric Lazarus (affiliated with NYU and Stanford) and Pam Smith of to talk about replacing corporate-controlled voting systems with nonprofit, open source systems that would be cheaper and more transparent.