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Constitutional Crisis! White House Leads Congress to Sharply Reduce Our Rights

Shahid Buttar, Executive Director of Bill of Rights Defense Committee, returns to talk about the Defense bill and its Section 1031, which would allow US citizens to be held indefinitely without charge or trial.Buttar notes that this unconstitutional bill may be signed into law on or near Bill of Rights Day, December 15.  As Washington politicians blame each other, Obama is likely to sign this bad legislation, as both houses passed it by veto-proof margins.  While the administration has threatened a veto over other parts of the bill, Sen. Levin confirms that it was the White House which demanded removal of language that would have excluded American citizens and legal residents. So even if there is a veto, it will be for the wrong reasons.  We talk about Sen. Feinstein’s unusual and strong defense of our rights to due process, and the corporate media’s failure to cover this issue or even ask Obama about it.   Contact your senator and representative pronto, and tell them you would like to keep what’s left of the Bill of Rights.