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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, January 11

GOP mudwrestling carnival moves from New Hampshire to South Carolina, as millions in soft money spew negative ads; Democrats, beware!  We review the TV NH coverage--CNN's was sponsored by American Petroleum Institute.Also covered today:

--Iranian scientist ambushed in Tehran as brinkmanship increases

--Doomsday Clock inches closer

--Supreme Court says churches can discriminate against employees called "ministers", but won't define who is a "minister"

--Appeals Court upholds Texas law requiring the mother to see a fetal sonogram before a third trimester abortion

--California tax revenues weak, Brown plans to use cap and trade revenues for general fund

--California supreme Court wrestles with redistricting challenge brough by GOP

--Frances Moore Lappe, in an excerpt from Podcast 346, makes a strong point about world food shortages

--20-year study says tobacco is much more harmful to the lungs than marijuana