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Stanford Prof. Joel Brinkley Exposes Rampant Drug Use by Afghan Troops; Prof. Steven Zunes Hammers All Hypocrites in UN Syria Resolution Veto




Stanford Journalism Prof. Joel Brinkley talks about his recent column about the hopeless war in Afghanistan; USF Prof. Stephen Zunes on the rampant hypocrisy on all sides in the UN Syria resolution veto.  Brinkley, a Pulitzer prize winner and former foreign correspondent for The New York Times, reports widespread drug use by national police and soldiers in Afghanistan–even while on duty.  This only adds to the folly of Obama’s escalation of US presence, based on the premise that we can hand off soon to Afghans.   Brinkley comments on PBC’s view that Obama is trying to saddle Mitt Romney with this hugely unpopular war, and agrees that Pakistan is much more critical to US interests.  Read his syndicated column here.

At 26:16, Zunes, Chair of Middle East Studies and Professor of Politics at University of San Francisco,  returns with a blistering analysis of the recent UN Security Council veto by China and Russia of the resolution on Syria.  Zunes has much to say about the history of vetoes, and why the US denunciations ring hollow. This interview follows on our chat with Prof. Hagopian in podcast 374, and Zunes compares US policies on the uprisings in Egypt, Libya and Bahrain.  He also expresses concern that an Israeli attack on Iran could futher destabilize a region with several hot wars already.