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Jazz Musician and Outspoken Israeli Gilad Atzmon on AIPAC, Israel and Possible Attack on Iran

Gilad Atzmon is a talented jazzman who joins us to talk about his new book The Wandering Who? and offers candid commentary on Zionism, Israel, the US and much more.

Atzmon was born in Israel, and started to question his government after compulsory service in the Army.  American jazz led him to learn the saxophone, and he now sees his country, its government, and Zionism in a new light.  As Netanyahu visits Washington and the annual AIPAC conference is in full swing, here is a different Jewish voice calling for new approaches to the ongoing conflict.  Atzmon separates Zionism from Judaism, and predicts that the State of Israel will not be sustainable in the long term.  Atzmon clearly loves Israel, but deplores the hard-line treatment of Palestinians that are similar to the ways Jews were treated in Nazi Germany.  He has strong criticism for US support for extreme Israeli policies, and is very concerned about the prospect of a military attack on Iran.