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PBC News & comment Monday, March 5

Rush Limbo goes low, really low, issues lame apology as sponsors bail; Obama does some kissing, some spanking at AIPAC   Also covered:

--an excerpt from our in-depth interview with Gilad Atzmon

--Saudis offer military support to fellow Sunnis in Syria who oppose Assad, while helping the Sunni minority in Bahrain suppress their opposition

--Putin reclaims Russian presidency, claims 64% support

--BP makes initial $7.8 billion settlement, drawing excellent critical analysis from Greg Palast and Dahr Jamail; find both here

--Cardinal Dolan of New York urges Catholics to get politically active on a regressive agenda, after purging liberal priests who had been active in the 1990's

--Guitarist Ronnie Montrose died over the weekend, we close with a taste of his signature tune, "Town Without Pity"