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PBC News & comment Monday, March 5

Rush Limbo goes low, really low, issues lame apology as sponsors bail; Obama does some kissing, some spanking at AIPAC   Also covered:

–an excerpt from our in-depth interview with Gilad Atzmon

–Saudis offer military support to fellow Sunnis in Syria who oppose Assad, while helping the Sunni minority in Bahrain suppress their opposition

–Putin reclaims Russian presidency, claims 64% support

–BP makes initial $7.8 billion settlement, drawing excellent critical analysis from Greg Palast and Dahr Jamail; find both here

–Cardinal Dolan of New York urges Catholics to get politically active on a regressive agenda, after purging liberal priests who had been active in the 1990’s

–Guitarist Ronnie Montrose died over the weekend, we close with a taste of his signature tune, “Town Without Pity”