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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, March 6

New anti-protester law cuts 1st Amendment, as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel gets new dictatorial police powers and AG Holder justifies 5th Amendment end-run       Only Rep. Ron Paul and 2 other Republicans–no Democrats–voted against the broadly written H.R 347, which makes it a felony to enter or remain in an area designated “restricted”, including most federal property

–as reported in this article from the Guardian UK, former Obama chief of staff and now Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel was given expansive police powers by the City Council, ostensibly to deal with protests of an upcoming NATO summit in Chicago, and a G-8 meeting that we learned today is being moved to Camp David.  More in this story in our next podcast, where you will hear people on the streets of Chicago talk about Rahm

–AG Eric Holder defends the process and decision to kill US citizen al Awlaki in Yemen, driving your humble host to profanity.  His comments are not based on the consititution he’s sworn to uphold, but are aimed at pandering to a public that only wants to know that Obama thought Awlaki was a bad guy

–Obama refuses to buckle to the intimidation of Netanyahu and the AIPAC lobby gathered in DC this week, at least delaying an Israeli attack on Iran

–Iran court overturns death penalty for American ex-Marine Hekmati, who is accused of spying and appears to fit that profile

–airlines are expanding bins for carry-on bags, so they can keep charging $25 for the opportunity to lose your checked bags

–website that matches sugar daddies with sugar babes wants to advertise on Rush Limbaugh’s show