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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, March 7

Ohio voters dumped Dennis Kucinich (boo!) and Mean Jean Schmidt (hooray!!) from Congress as Romney edged Santorum in GOP primary in Ohio   Joe the Plumber Wurzelbacher won an Ohio primary race for Congress, and PBC shares the back story of his ties to the Keating family that fleeced Lincoln Savings and Loan.

Also covered:

–about 6% of Santorum’s vote in Ohio came from Democrats

–Obama news conference draws zero questions about critical constitutional incursions of recent legislation

–Glenn Greenwald has excellent analysis of these issues at Salon

–Brad Friedman at Bradblog has videos of Obama protesting at Harvard–the threatened Breitbart release?

–Yelp goes public, and draws complaints that negative reviews are given priority over positive ones, amid claims of “extortion” by Yelp ad sales reps

–daydream report:  I thought I heard that Bradley Manning had been released in Indianapolis